The Water Cooler: Moving Forward in Current Economic Conditions

June 30, 2020

LinkedIn Water Cooler Series

Every day on LinkedIn, business professionals engage with content that’s important to them. And every month, the LinkedIn Water Cooler examines the top 10 articles that business professionals are sharing on the platform; it’s a window into what is on the minds of LinkedIn members.

In May, our data indicates that business professionals have absorbed the initial wave of COVID-19 and are now focused on finding the best way forward for their employees, their customers and their businesses.

The top two (and four of the top 10) articles shared by business professionals in May on LinkedIn examined remote working. These articles looked at remote working as a concept that is not going away any time soon. In fact, a TechCrunch article makes the case that work from home fast becoming “work from anywhere.”

Other articles in the top 10 explored digital transformation, which is increasingly becoming a necessity in a world where travel and face-to-face meetings are limited. Other articles examined how specific companies are making moves in this new environment; one article covered how Kroger is buying surplus milk to help Feeding America’s network of food banks.  

Top Articles Shared on LinkedIn in May

  1. Google Will Let Employees Work From Home Until The End Of 2020 By Rachel Sandler | Forbes
  2. Work From Home is Dead, Long Live Work From Anywhere By Danny Chrichton | TechCrunch
  3. You Get The Talent That You Pay For! By Brigette Hyacinth | ThriveGlobal
  4. Good Leadership Is About Communication “Why” By Nancy Duarte | Harvard Business Review
  5. Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology By Becky Frankiewicz and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzik | Harvard Business Review
  6. Twitter Says Staff Can Continue Working from Home Permanently By Brian Heater | TechCrunch
  7. Google Says It Will Let Workers Expense $1,000 Worth of Office Furniture By Nicolas Vega | New York Post
  8. A Message from Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky By Airbnb Newsroom
  9. The First Degree: Woman Is First Person With Down Syndrome To Graduate From Rowan University By Allison Norlian | Forbes
  10. Kroger Buys and Redirects Dairy Farmers’ Surplus Milk to Feeding America Food Banks By Mary Ellen Shoup | Food Navigator-USA

Lessons for Marketers

The concerns of business professionals are not the same month-to-month. While many interests of LinkedIn members stay the same — how to improve management skills is a perennial topic — the kinds of articles shared on the platform change as the world and business environment change.

COVID-19 and its impacts are still a central topic on LinkedIn, but the conversation has moved on toward how companies are moving forward in this difficult situation. Many marketers are taking note and engaging in the discussions that their audiences are having on LinkedIn.   

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