Innovation and Collaboration Fuel LinkedIn Marketing Partner Awards

January 19, 2021

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One of the perks of working for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is that we get a front row seat for all the cool, innovative stuff marketers are doing. We get to see them use this platform as a catalyst to inspire, engage, and move their audiences.

This year — these unprecedented, turbulent, troubled, choose-your-cliche times — we saw marketers work even smarter, together with LinkedIn marketing partners, to meet new challenges. Even better, we saw kindness and community-mindedness on display, too. 

So, we’re especially pleased to announce this year’s LinkedIn Marketing Partner Awards! These annual awards recognize our marketing partner community members for their outstanding work and innovation with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Congratulations to all the nominees. Watch the full award ceremony here!

The Customer Value Award goes to Zapier

This award recognizes the marketing partner who has driven exceptional business outcomes or results for customers through their integration with LinkedIn. Zapier topped our list for their easy-to-use, seamless integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, which has helped thousands of marketers manage their leads

“With the Zapier integration, we’re able to eliminate the question of, ‘Is the lead going to make it into our systems? Will the account be provisioned?’ Now, we can focus on engaging our customers and bringing them further down the funnel.” - Geoffrey Taft, Director of Digital Marketing, 

Zapier's solution enabled the team to reach a 99% increase in lead delivery accuracy, allowing the marketing team to focus on growth at scale. 

The Innovator of the Year Award goes to

This award recognizes the marketing partner who has significantly impacted customers and the partner community through a new and innovative service or solution with LinkedIn. 

With the launch of Conversation Ads, it was an exciting year for LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging. The team at challenged themselves to deliver results with 60% less budget with this new ad format, in order to help marketers through budget restrictions during the U.S. lockdown.

“We delivered our highest number of demo requests ever (by 230%), and spent 60% less than the prior month. Those demos were high-quality, with positive feedback from sales, and more than enough late-stage pipeline to show positive ROI.” - Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at

Metadata won the Innovator of the Year Award for their rapid and creative embrace of LinkedIn Conversation Ads. They proved the effectiveness of these ads, first to drive awareness, interest and demo requests from buyers within their own target accounts, and then empowering their customers to leverage’s  audiences to create their own Conversation Ads campaigns. 

The Social Impact Award goes to RollWorks 

The Social Impact Award recognizes the marketing partner who has demonstrated a commitment to social change, both in the day-to-day, as well as through specific activities and initiatives. For their bold commitment to eliminate bias in their hiring processes and increase diversity across the organization, we’re pleased to give this award to RollWorks, a division of NextRoll.

"We're delighted to receive the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Social Impact Award. At NextRoll and our business units RollWorks and AdRoll, we have come a long way in how we operate as a business to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. It's a mindset that this work is never finished that's become part of our company operations that drives success for our team, customers, and broader marketing community." - Amy LeBold  Exec VP-People NextRoll

As an organization that exists to create economic opportunity for the entire global workforce, LinkedIn  recognizes the responsibility we have to help build that future for our workforce, our partner community, and our hundreds of millions of members and customers. In the long-term, this means building towards a world where professional organizations are a reflection of the communities in which they operate. RollWorks showed they more than share our values of promoting diversity and eliminating bias.

The In It Together Award goes to G2 + Bombora

The In It Together Award goes to the partner who has shown commitment to collaboration within the partner community. This integration between partners helps marketing and sales teams get a fully comprehensive view of a prospect’s buyer journey. 

G2 and Bombora joined forces to help B2B vendors identify which businesses are conducting relevant research across and the greater B2B web. This integration makes audience data from LinkedIn ads even more valuable to marketers. 

“LinkedIn campaigns drive even greater returns when incorporating intent data into account planning, targeting and message alignment. This data-driven approach to LinkedIn ABM activation results in up to 4x higher lead conversion for Bombora customers. The combination of Bombora's Company Surge®, G2, LinkedIn, and a customer’s first-party data drives highly effective ABM activations.” – Dale Durrett, VP of Partnerships, Bombora
“Establishing trust with key accounts has never been more important. Accurate data signals and relevant messaging are must haves for tech marketers in 2021. G2 Buyer Intent and Bombora Surge surface which accounts are conducting research on both and the B2B web. This empowers tech marketers to understand an account & the decision makers’ stage, then approach them with relevant content on trusted platforms like LinkedIn.” - Mike Weir, CRO, G2

Honoring Outstanding Individual Achievements 

We all know that marketing is a team sport. But even as we celebrate the superlative team efforts from the past year, we also have to recognize a few outstanding individuals. Special thanks to the following winners for their inspiration, dedication, and collaboration. 

We’re proud of all of our LinkedIn marketing partners for the work they’ve done this year, and glad we have a chance to celebrate those who went above and beyond. 

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