Introducing Laser Focus: 10 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Sponsored Content

June 22, 2016

There’s a reason that you and 94 percent of your fellow B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. It’s simply the right place to reach and engage more of the right people—the world’s professionals. And the more you use LinkedIn Sponsored Content to engage your prospects and promote your brand, the better you get at honing your message and zeroing in on your target.

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But the content marketing world is getting crowded—and fast. According to a recent Content Marketing Study, 76 percent of B2B organizations say they’ll produce more content in 2016. Furthermore, research shows that B2B buyers conduct an average of 12 searches before ever going to a brand’s site.

That’s why we created Laser Focus: 10 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Inside this comprehensive guide you’ll find quick, actionable tips you can use right away to drive better engagement with and boost the performance of your content marketing.

Previously, we released The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Sponsored Content and 10 Ways to Drive Killer ROI with your Sponsored Content to help you make the most of this highly effective native ad format. Those pieces offered a foundation in what Sponsored Content is and how to use it to hit your marketing goals. With Laser Focus, we want to help you take your Sponsored Content to the next level.  

In Laser Focus, you’ll find strategies for everything from what to post and when to how to:

  • Refine your LinkedIn campaigns
  • Improve your landing pages and improve your leads
  • A/B test your creative, based on tips from our Content Strategists and in-house Marketing team
  • Leverage the very latest Campaign Manager features
  • Sharpen your focus using new account-based marketing tactics

Download “Laser Focus: 10 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Sponsored Content” now to see how top-performing brands are finding new audiences and driving better-than-ever results.

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