How to Build an Effective LinkedIn Editorial Calendar

January 11, 2017

Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of a 14-day series on running successful LinkedIn Sponsored Content. View the previous blog post here.

In this series we’ve covered how you can use LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns for various objectives -- from lead generation to brand awareness to thought leadership-- but when it comes to actually designing the flow of your marketing campaigns, you have to think about the balance of content you’ll be exposing your new audiences to. This is where drafting an editorial calendar can help.

Take a second to think about your blog or other content offerings. If you write or create the same type of content every time, it’s likely that your engagement goes down as you saturate your audience with the same type of content.

The same is true for your Sponsored Content strategy -- in order to effectively get users to engage and be interested in your content, you have to provide users with new, relevant, helpful content, which means adding variety to the content that’s being promoted.

The best to way to ensure variety in your organic and paid strategies is to build an editorial calendar that tracks and organizes the types of content you’re posting.

Questions to ask when customizing your own content calendar:

  1. What days of the week see the highest engagements for your audience?

  2. How often you should be posting new content?

Tips for creating a healthy calendar

To maximize your calendar and ensure that your content isn’t fatiguing your audience, vary the type of content you’re posting (how-to posts, list posts, templates, kits, etc.), the format of content (ebooks, interactive sitepages, webinars, live events, etc.) and the goal of the content (brand awareness vs. lead generation vs. thought leadership). Remember to always test and optimize your content strategy over time based on what’s working and what’s not. This will help you course correct in case something goes wrong.

Once you’ve digested these guidelines, download this free social media content calendar to get start scheduling in ways that make sense for your business.

Tomorrow we’ll dive into how to select compelling assets for your Sponsored Content campaigns. Until then, stay informed by downloading LinkedIn and HubSpot's complete 2 Week Sponsored Content Planner.