LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Is Now Available to All Marketers through LinkedIn Campaign Manager

November 9, 2016

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers face is delivering a relevant and engaging ad experience to the right person, at scale. That’s why today we’re excited to announce that Sponsored InMail is joining the growing suite of self-serve LinkedIn products available through LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager. With Sponsored InMail you can engage your target audiences in a personalized, direct and meaningful way.

Now you can create and manage your Sponsored InMail campaigns along with other self-serve products, including Sponsored Content and Text Ads, directly through Campaign Manager using your advertising account with LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, you can:

  • Personalize your outreach to prospects: Sponsored InMail is a great channel for marketers to easily craft relevant messages without restrictive character counts.

  • Drive conversions with mobile-optimized features: Generate leads with a persistent call-to-action (CTA) button on mobile and desktop. And our responsive design ensures your message looks great on any screen, large or small.

  • Reach members when they’re most engaged: With real-time delivery, Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn. And strict limits on how often LinkedIn members can receive InMail ensures your message gets maximum mindshare.

Over 100 advertisers participated in a pilot program leading up to today’s release. After using Sponsored InMail to drive registrations for George Fox University’s programs, Richard McNeal, a Digital Marketing Administrator, observed:

“The ability to send Sponsored InMails from credible, relevant senders has definitely contributed to the success of our campaigns. When comparing Sponsored InMail to other email marketing campaigns, the open rates are astounding. These are some of the most impressive statistics we’ve seen anywhere.”

Hannah Cates, a Marketing Coordinator at Vistage, also utilized Sponsored InMail to deliver personalized invitations to their executive coaching events and saw superior performance:

“Sponsored InMail is our highest performing channel for registrations. With other ad products we haven’t seen nearly as many qualified leads.”

Another benefit customers saw was the ability to quickly set up and launch campaigns and be flexible with their budget. “LinkedIn Sponsored InMail made it easy for me to set up campaigns and track them based on performance and best practices. This has been crucial especially in smaller markets where we weren’t able to run $5k Sponsored InMail campaigns in the past. It allows us to have more flexibility with our budget,” said Cates.

Our aim is to empower you to use the full range of LinkedIn advertising products to optimize your marketing mix and effectively reach your goals. The availability of Sponsored InMail to all marketers puts us further along on our journey to bring the power of LinkedIn’s full suite of ad products together to allow you the greatest flexibility and control.  

Ready to give self-service Sponsored InMail a try?

Getting started is easy. Here’s how to launch your first campaign:

1. Log into LinkedIn Campaign Manager

2. Open your Ad Account, click “Create campaign” and select “Sponsored InMail”

3. Select “Sponsored InMail” and start crafting your message

4. Choose your target audiences (from 16 different criteria)

5. Set your campaign budget goals and launch!

To learn more about LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, visit our website.