Making Changes to Your Sponsored Updates On The Go [VIDEO]

September 3, 2013

Good marketing campaigns should have the flexibility to adapt to your company's shifting needs. With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, the campaign options available can easily accommodate strategic changes you require in order to optimize campaign performance and achieve campaign goals.

Whether you need to change the focus of your Sponsored Updates campaigns to bring in a different target audience or just make minor adjustments to accommodate your marketing budget, changes are easily made within the Campaign Manager dashboard. The video below will walk you through many of the options available at your fingertips, including:

  1. Changing target audience
  2. Modifying bids and bid budget
  3. Adjusting the duration of your campaign
  4. Adding another admin or granting campaign access to other individuals within your organization

Interested in learning more about how LinkedIn Sponsored Updates can benefit your company and extend the reach of your brand? Visit our Sponsored Updates page.