Marketers Stay in the Know with LinkedIn Channels

June 12, 2013

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay on top of marketing news and trends as they happen, look no further. We’ve refreshed LinkedIn Today with channels to streamline how you keep up on the marketing topics and Influencer posts that matter most to your success. Try following the Social Media and Marketing Strategies channels to get started.

LinkedIn also introduced 20 other channels, ranging from topics such as Your Career, Economy, Social Impact, Big Ideas and Innovation, and Higher Education, with more channels to be added over time. By following channels, you’ll have access to timely and relevant professional news and insights that can help you stay one step ahead and be in the know on what’s trending in your professional network. Channels represent a more comprehensive way to discover, share, and engage with high-quality Influencer posts, top news sources, and SlideShare content — all in one place. Once you follow a channel, you will automatically see updates from that channel directly in your Homepage stream.

Start following a channel today to see what is trending in your professional universe by going here: