Marketing Book Worth a Look: Driving Demand by Carlos Hidalgo

November 21, 2015

carlos hidalgo

Buyer behavior continues to evolve, and many organizations are struggling to adapt. The bigger the company, the harder it can be to make the fundamental changes the new marketing landscape requires. This month’s Marketing Book Worth a Look, Driving Demand by Carlos Hidalgo, addresses this problem head-on.

Carlos has spent the last decade as CEO and Principal at ANNUITAS, helping B2B marketing organizations make the transformation to a buyer-centric demand generation model. In Driving Demand, Carlos draws on his years of industry experience to guide marketers through the planning, execution, and follow-through needed for a successful organizational change.

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When we asked Carlos to comment on the current state of B2B marketing, he didn’t mince words: “B2B marketing and sales has fundamentally changed over the last several years. Our B2B buyers are more sophisticated, have more access to information and have more buyers who are part of buying committees than ever before and this has fundamentally changed the roles of B2B marketing and sales professionals,” he says.

“Yet, with all this change we have seen little progress made in how marketing and sales teams engage. B2B companies are spending more on content, technology and resources than ever before, and despite these increases only 10.8% of those responsible for demand generation say they are highly successful in accomplishing their overall goals.”

Why Carlos Wrote Driving Demand

“I have the opportunity to speak to a good number of B2B marketing professionals who say they know they need to change, but they are stuck in understanding how to make this change at a People, Process, Content, Technology and Data level. This was the driver behind Driving Demand,” Carlos says.

“I wanted to write a book that outlined the ‘How.’ I wanted to write a book that marketing leaders could use to help guide them through the process of marketing transformation. I wanted to write a book that outlined the changes that needed to occur first by changing a culture within the marketing organization, which would then enable a change in how organizations are engaging their buyers with demand generation.”

Why You Should Read It

“I believe B2B marketers (and sales professionals) will be able to read Driving Demand and walk away with an understanding of the process whereby they can change,” Carlos says. “I believe the book does a good job at outlining the specific areas that need to change, while also providing insights into areas to avoid to ensure the change management does not fail. Driving Demand goes beyond the ‘what needs to change’ and supplies marketers with the how behind the what.”

Read Driving Demand for:

  • A step-step-by step guide to transforming your organization’s demand generation
  • Expert evidence that highlights the need for change
  • Common pitfalls to avoid as your organization makes the change
  • How your organization can maximize adoption of the new structure
  • Case studies from ANNUITAS clients that have successfully changed their demand generation model, and how they made the switch

Driving Demand makes a compelling case for a new model of demand generation, and provides the instruction you need to adopt the new model in your organization. Most importantly, Carlos understands that making a serious change in a large organization is challenging, and addresses the entire process, starting with preparing to make the change.

If your organization is still playing catch-up in the era of the empowered buyer, Driving Demand can help. Check it out, and make sure to let Carlos know which advice you found particularly helpful.

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