Marketing Book Worth a Look: UnSelling – The New Customer Experience

May 30, 2015

Social Media Marketing Gurus Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer

If you’ve been spending too little time UnStressed and too much time UnReading, put your feet up and dive into this month’s Marketing Book Worth a Look. Our UnSelection—er, selection—this month is UnSelling: The New Customer Experience by Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer.

Scott and Alison, hosts of the UnPodcast, claim they are “put on this earth to remind the world that not all Canadians are passively polite.” Their no-nonsense attitude informs UnSelling from start to finish. If your sales and marketing efforts suffer from “funnel vision,” you’ll find plenty of insights here to expand your scope.

This Month’s Recommended Reading: UnSelling: The New Customer Experience

Scott Stratten is an expert on social, viral, authentic marketing, a combo he calls “UnMarketing.” He’s a passionate advocate of creating positive brand experiences to position yourself as a trusted expert so customers choose you. Alison is the co-creator of content for the UnMarketing website, and co-host of the UnPodcast. Together, they draw upon years of marketing experience to drop knowledge on creating positive brand experiences that keep customers coming back for more. 


Why Scott and Alison wrote UnSelling

Scott has spent the last decade turning marketing on its head. With UnSelling, he and Alison take it even further, turning the sales funnel inside out into a “sales cloud.” The cloud cycle involves creating value before the customer knows they have a need, and continuing to nurture existing customers to create lasting relationships.

“Scott and I decided to write UnSelling because we saw that sales was focused too much on the transaction and not on the before and after,” Alison says. “If you believe repeat customers are the key to long term success in business you have to look at what makes them come back. “

Why you should read it

Scott and Alison take a common-sense, practical approach to creating brand loyalty. They back up the advice with case studies across industries, from hotel chains to small-town politicians. It’s both inspirational and tactical, and Scott and Alison’s irreverent humor makes the medicine easy to swallow.

What you will learn

Alison says, “One of the best takeaways for marketers is the concept of the sales cloud - we need to step away from the traditional sales process, drop our funnel vision, and create experiences that customers will want to share. Marketers can also learn from the case studies in UnSelling, where we share the good, the bad and the ugly of marketing and business today.”

UnSelling is a comprehensive guide to creating positive brand experiences across social media. You’ll get nitty-gritty advice on everything from dealing with irate customers on social to how you can encourage meaningful sharing of the content you create. In between, Scott and Alison share insights on:

  • What really matters in speaking, podcasting, and blogging
  • How to keep subscribers on your email list
  • How to recover from a social media screw-up
  • The pivot moments that define your brand for better or worse
  • The ways companies sabotage their own social media efforts

Scott and Alison’s advice can help you avoid the pitfalls of social media while making the most of each interaction with your brand on social. And there’s no tricky misdirection in their strategy, no one-size-fits-all formula for drawing people in. It’s about keeping it real and treating people well whether they’re a customer or not. Simply put, it’s about building brand capital by being awesome.

If you’re currently experiencing UnSuccess with your social media marketing efforts, or just want to up your game, Scott and Alison’s book will help. Even though Scott is loud sometimes, he’s actually a delightful human being, so make sure and tell him what you liked most about UnSelling.

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