Marketing Predictions for 2023: ROI, Content, and New Social Channels

May 8, 2013

When LinkedIn was born in 2003, social networking, content marketing, and mobile strategies were barely on marketers’ radar. Ten years later, look at how much has changed: social has become indispensable, content is more important than ever, and mobile marketing gets hotter every minute.

As LinkedIn celebrates its 10th birthday, it’s a good time to reflect on the dramatic changes in marketing and also predict what the next 10 years might have in store. Toward that end, we polled over 2,500 LinkedIn members around the world who work in marketing and advertising for their predictions on the state of marketing in 2023. See the results:

Determining the ROI of marketing campaigns will never go out of style: 46% of our survey respondents chose “calculate marketing ROI” as the marketing guide that will have staying power. “The day marketers are no longer measured on ROI will be the same day that CEOs aren’t measured on earning per share,” said one respondent. “Marketers should always be financially accountable for, and will therefore need to measure, their spend,” commented another.

Content marketing will continue its reign: “Content is king,” Bill Gates said in 1996, and according to 40% of our poll respondents, “content marketing” is still most likely to be the phrase that pops up in marketing meetings in 2023. “As consumers get more and more inundated with messages, great content will stand out,” said one marketer. The term “infographic” came in second, chosen by 22 percent of our respondents: “Infographics are going to be the future as the tool to present complex information quickly and clearly,” said one.

A challenge is issued to entrepreneurs: Marketers are pretty certain that social networks will remain popular gathering places in 10 years – but they gave the edge to “a channel to be invented.” Said one respondent, “Who knows what type of social media or social network can really be the one in 2023? Something really unpredictable will come up in the next few years.”

We invite you to come back to this blog (or whatever replaces blogs) in 2023 to compare the accuracy of our poll respondents’ guesses. In the meantime, you can stay on top of rapidly changing marketing trends by following marketing and advertising news on LinkedIn Today.