Marketing Book Worth a Look: Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

January 26, 2016

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“Custom publishing” doesn’t have the same ring to it as, say, content marketing, does it? But we would still be using that clumsy term if not for the author of this month’s Marketing Book Worth a Look: Joe Pulizzi. As the Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe not only helped coin the term “content marketing;” he worked to define what it is and how to do it ethically and effectively.

Joe has seen the power of excellent content firsthand. He built Content Marketing Institute (CMI) with content, first attracting an audience, then striving to understand them, and finally offering a product that fit their needs. It was a strategy that turned conventional business thinking on its head, and one that paid off in a huge way.

In Joe’s new book, he pulls back the curtain on CMI’s success, providing a blueprint for creating your own content-based business. If you want to see just how far quality content can take you, read Content Inc. and get inspired.

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In the past few years, Joe and his team have built Content Marketing Institute from a content hub into a marketing powerhouse. Joe turned his passion for great content into a multimedia empire including blogs, podcasts, certification courses, and Content Marketing World, a convention with over 200 speakers and 3500 attendees last year. It’s hard to imagine anyone more qualified to write a guide for building a business through content.

Why Joe Wrote Content Inc.

“Selfishly, I wanted to tell the story of Content Marketing Institute and how we became the fastest growing business media company in the US by focusing on building an audience first, and then launching products,” Joe says. “But in true content marketing fashion, I understood that the book being about me, or us, would be a book nobody would want to read.”

So rather than just tell the corporate story, Joe and his team searched for other content marketing success stories.

“So the CMI team went out and started to find startups that built a loyal audience first, and then launched products and services,” Joe says. “We found some truly amazing examples all over the world.  When we did, we noticed two things: 1) each business followed the same six steps (called the Content Inc. model), even though they often did it by accident, and 2) we found that these businesses grow faster than normal companies because they created a built-in customer database (a subscription list).”

Why You Should Read It

Though the title specifically mentions entrepreneurs, Content Inc. is valuable for just about everyone.  Joe says, “The Content Inc. model will teach you how to create and build value to an audience, and build an amazingly loyal audience over time, and when you start promoting whatever product or service you have, they will buy it because they know, like and trust you because of the value (content) you deliver.  Long story short, if you are trying to build an audience in a particular market, this book is for you.”

Read Content Inc. to Learn How to:

  • Find the area of expertise for your content focus
  • “Tilt” your focus to find an untapped audience
  • Build your base with a single-channel approach
  • Convert visitors into subscribers
  • Expand into multiple delivery channels
  • Monetize to turn initial interest into sustainable success

Content Inc. distills Joe’s content marketing philosophy into a proven blueprint for a new kind of business. It’s an intriguing look under the hood of a massive marketing enterprise, both inspiring and informative, infused with Joe’s passion and expertise from page one.

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