Marketing Book Worth a Look: Full Funnel Marketing by Matt Heinz

September 24, 2016

Marketing Book Worth a Look: Full Funnel Marketing by Matt Heinz

It’s time for the next big shift in marketing. Right now, most of us have made the move from impersonal, broadcast marketing to using value and content to reach our audience. Too often, though, once we hand an MQL to sales we never touch it again. We’re missing opportunities to grow the business through sales alignment and sales enablement.

Marketers can be more effective if we stay active in the entire process, not just from awareness to conversion, but all the way to a closed deal. If we want to contribute to revenue in a more meaningful, immediately measurable way, marketers need to consider the entire pipeline.

Our Marketing Book Worth a Look for this month is a guide to this new way of thinking about marketing’s contribution to the pipeline. It’s written by a thought leader and influencer with 15 years of experience in the industry.

This Month’s Recommended Reading: Full Funnel Marketing, by Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz is the President of Heinz Marketing Incorporated, author of multiple books on sales and marketing, and one of our go-to marketing masterminds. I tapped Matt’s expertise early on in my career with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn.

Since then, he’s been one of our go-to experts. Simply put, Matt knows his stuff, and a new book from him is always cause for celebration.

Why Matt Wrote Full Funnel Marketing

Matt says it’s high time for marketers to shift their focus to the revenue that keeps the lights on.  “I’m on a mission to help marketers embrace the entire funnel, convert their departments into profit centers, and focus their energy more on closed business than clicks, retweets and MQLs,” Matt says. “Full Funnel Marketers know that bills aren’t paid with leads, they’re paid when deals close.  Today’s B2B marketers have an enormous opportunity to drive performance throughout the entire pipeline, not just the top half.  This book covers strategy and tactics to help make that opportunity a reality.”

Why You Should Read It

Matt is a proven industry leader with the chops to back up the sometimes radical suggestions he’s making in this book. He gets deep into tactics, but keeps it accessible regardless of your stage of sophistication.

“We cover a lot of ground in these pages, including marketing technology, sales enablement, productivity best practices and more,” Matt says. “It’s like getting dozens of tips for your golf swing in a single lesson, but it’s written in a way that you can immediately find and leverage the right best practice for your current challenge or opportunity.”

If your marketing department is struggling to demonstrate its contribution to revenue, it may be time to shift your focus to cover the entire buyer journey. Full Funnel Marketing can help you make the switch.

You can find Matt on Twitter @HeinzMarketing, and he writes regularly for the Heinz Marketing Blog.

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