Marketing Book Worth a Look: Global Content Marketing by Pam Didner

March 26, 2016

One of the many cool things about conference season 2016 is meeting amazing marketers from all over the world. At LinkedIn, 70% of our members are outside of the United States, so we tend to approach marketing with a global mindset. But the idea of adopting content marketing for an international audience doesn’t get a lot of discussion.

For this installment of the Marketing Book Worth a Look series, let’s look at the bigger picture. Learn how to scale your content marketing efforts for an international audience with Global Content Marketing by Pam Didner.

Pam is the Senior Marketing Consultant at Relentless Pursuit. Prior to starting her consulting business, she was Intel’s Global Integrated Marketing Strategist for over seven years. At Intel, she developed an accessible, comprehensive process for scaling content across regions, and Global Content Marketing doesn’t skimp on practical advice.

If you’re ready to take your content worldwide, Global Content Marketing is a great place to start.

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Pam consults with clients of all business sizes and industries. The plan she details in Global Content Marketing is applicable for everyone, from the college grad with a freshly-minted marketing degree to enterprise-level businesses ready bring their content to an international audience.

Why Pam Wrote Global Content Marketing

“I was in a global role for over 20 years during which I learned a lot by working with regional and local teams,” Pam says. “As I looked at the state of Marketing in the world, I noticed that there are many established companies that don't assign enough importance to Content Marketing's role in their overall plans and there are many younger companies that lack the experience and know-how to utilize their content effectively. My book is a guide on how headquarters and local teams can work effectively to plan and execute Global Content Marketing plans.”

Why You Should Read It

Pam’s blueprint for successful global content marketing is creative, simple, and practical. She explains each step in plain English, avoiding marketing jargon and vague platitudes. Global Content Marketing is accessible enough for new marketers, but contains value for veterans in the field, too.

Read Global Content Marketing to Learn:

According to Pam, there are three key takeaways from the book:

  • A framework to scale content from planning to execution: the 4 P's of Global Content Marketing: Plan, Produce, Promote, and Perfect
  • The elements of creating a content plan
  • A communications process between the headquarters and local teams for effective collaboration

Globalization is a major opportunity for marketers, and it’s a topic that could use more discussion in the industry. Pam’s book will get you ready to take your content on a world tour—and it will help you improve your marketing efforts on the home front, too.

So if it’s time for your team to think bigger, start with Global Content Marketing, and let Pam know which parts of the book were the most helpful for you.

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