Marketing Book Worth a Look: Introduction to Personal Branding, by Mel Carson

July 30, 2016

Marketing Book Worth a Look: Introduction to Personal Branding, by Mel Carson

The Internet and social media offer nearly limitless opportunities to present yourself to the world. You can show what makes you unique, highlight your experience, demonstrate thought leadership, and build an audience.

The downside of this amazing opportunity, is that everyone else has it too. The people competing with you for influence, for clients, and for jobs can present their best selves as well.

To stand out in the crowd, you need to strategically develop a personal brand. Your brand plays too big a role in your business life to ignore. Without a strategy, you’re still developing a brand with every post you make or article you share on any platform; but that brand will be inconsistent and most likely less compelling than if you started with a plan.

Unless your last name is Kardashian, developing your brand doesn’t have to be a full-time job. One of my new favorite instruction manuals for personal branding is a lightning-fast read full of practical advice to get you up and running. It’s Mel Carson’s new book, Introduction to Personal Branding.

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Mel is the Founder, CEO and Principal Strategy Consultant at Delightful Communications. His experience in social media strategy, PR, and personal branding has made Mel a popular keynote speaker and guest lecturer, with over 100 conferences & events on his resume.

In Introduction to Personal Branding, Mel distils and concentrates his branding advice to create a lean, efficient book that doesn’t waste time getting to the good stuff.

What Inspired Mel to Write Introduction to Personal Branding

As important as personal branding is to business success in the modern world, there are surprisingly few resources for those just starting out.

Mel says, “I was inspired to write the book because I saw no one out there who was covering the basics in an engaging or actionable way. There is so much you need to consider when building an effective personal brand.” 

Even though he had a lot of material to cover, Mel didn’t want to bog down the audience with a weighty tome.

“A lot of the feedback we get from clients is that they are time poor,” he says. “This introduction is aimed at professionals without a lot of time on their hands who don’t have the bandwidth to read 400 pages or listen to a three-hour book.”

In short, Mel says, “I wrote it as an inspirational kick-starter to personal branding. And all the praise on Amazon from people who have read it say it is just that!”

Why You Should Read It

In just 40 pages, Mel provides a solid foundation for you to build you brand.

“Marketers who read the book will gain a complete understanding of what it takes to define and hone an effective personal branding strategy,” he says.

The need for personal branding is growing as people grow more wary of traditional corporate brands.

“Research says just fifteen percent of people believe what a brand has to say, while ninety percent will trust the word of a friend, family member or industry peer. As marketers, we spend so much time marketing the companies we work for; we have little time to spend on our own professional journey,” Mel says.

But Mel aimed to do more than help marketers better market themselves. For Mel, developing a personal brand also means discovering truths about yourself that apply throughout your personal and professional life. Mel says, “What this book does is help uncover and project a professional purpose that transcends simply earning money to pay the bills and helps set individuals up for enduring success as their expertise and wisdom becomes more discoverable, shareable and memorable.”

Mel Carson’s Introduction to Personal Branding should be on any marketer’s reading list. It offers a remarkable return on investment for the little time it takes to read it, or listen to the audiobook version.

You can find Mel at and @MelCarson on Twitter.

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