Marketing Book Worth a Look: Linked to Influence by Stephanie Sammons

January 16, 2016

It should come as no surprise that the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team thinks LinkedIn is a great way to attract clients and build influence. That’s the reason we’re all here, instead of road managing the Guns ‘n’ Roses reunion tour (or maybe that’s only me).

But as much as we love what we do, it’s refreshing to get some validation from a third-party expert. Stephanie Sammons is an award-winning, bestselling author and digital marketing strategist with a focus on building influence on LinkedIn. Her new book is a dynamite read for marketers of every stripe. Even if you know LinkedIn inside and out like we do, you’re bound to learn something new from Linked to Influence.

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Stephanie has firmly established her credentials as a digital influence expert. We named her one of our top 25 social media experts in the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, and one of our top 30 marketing thought leaders in the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership. Her unique take on creating influence on LinkedIn draws on years of experience getting results for clients.

Why Stephanie Wrote Linked to Influence

For Stephanie, becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn is an ongoing process of delivering value and demonstrating expertise to your target audience. When we asked her why she decided to write the book, Stephanie told us,I wrote Linked to Influence because I wanted to teach entrepreneurs and professionals how to position themselves as trusted influencers on LinkedIn. When you build LinkedIn influence, you naturally attract the right people and opportunities into your business.” 

Why You Should Read It

Linked to Influence covers the tiny details and the big-picture concepts you need to build influence on LinkedIn. “Marketers are going to learn a 7-step proven process for building LinkedIn influence to attract ideal clients or customers,” Stephanie told us. “The book is a comprehensive resource with in-depth strategies and tactics for growing your professional brand on LinkedIn.”

Read Linked to Influence to Learn How to:

  • Optimize your profile to attract your ideal customers
  • Build a smarter network that emphasizes quality over quantity
  • Bring value to your audience to increase your visibility
  • Become a trusted thought leader your audience looks to for expertise

Stephanie has made a career of teaching business leaders and entrepreneurs how to grow their digital influence. Whether you’re a member of an enterprise-level marketing team or a team of one, Linked to Influence can help you become a LinkedIn marketing expert.

Put Linked to Influence on your 2016 reading list, and let Stephanie know which advice you found the most helpful.

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