Marketing Book Worth a Look: The Content Formula, by Michael Brenner and Liz Bedor

October 29, 2016

Michael Brenner

Every activity that marketers do—every blog post, every social media message, every banner pulled by an antique biplane—has a single overarching goal. Lifting brand awareness, capturing leads, building a subscriber base: all these tactics are intended to bring in revenue.

Revenue is the one metric every successful business must measure and optimize. And, let’s face it, content marketers still have trouble measuring ROI. This year’s B2B Benchmarks found that over a quarter of marketers still don’t measure it at all.

We need to prove ROI to fully reach content marketing maturity. We need to be able to justify our budget and prove our value to the organization. We need ROI built into our content marketing strategy from day one.

This month’s marketing book worth a look can help.

Take a Look: The Content Formula: Calculate the ROI of Content Marketing & Never Waste Money Again, by Michael Brenner and Liz Bedor

Michael Brenner is the CEO of the award-winning Marketing Insider Group, a consulting, training, and education agency. Co-Author Liz Bedor is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Bluecore. Both have ample experience planning and executing strategic content marketing with provable results.

In The Content Formula, Michael and Liz lay out a plan for ROI-oriented content marketing. Their blueprint starts with building a business case, and continues through measurement and optimization.

We caught up with Michael to ask what inspired The Content Formula and what value the book holds for marketers.

Why Michael Wrote The Content Formula

According to Michael, the idea for the book came directly from his consulting experience. “We wrote The Content Formula because so many marketers were asking us how to demonstrate the ROI of Content Marketing. What we found was that ROI is one of the biggest challenges for marketers,” he says.  “And when we started explaining our approach, we heard from multiple people ‘you should write a book about this.’ So we did!”

The book has proven to be a valued resource for marketers, its success demonstrating the need for a different type of content marketing. “The biggest surprise has been how well it's done. And we think it's just evidence of the need for marketers to commit to marketing programs that serve customers, and that ultimately is the best way to serve the business,” Michael says.

Who Should Read It

Michael says, “This book is NOT written for marketers who use their concern about ROI as a reason not to do it. Content marketing is a commitment, NOT a campaign. You have to invest for the long-term. So content marketing is not for everyone.”

If you’re ready to make a commitment, though, The Content Formula is definitely for you. “We wrote this book for the marketers and brands who are serious about and committed to sharing their expertise to the world. This book is for marketers who know that interruption-based promotion and ads that no one wants is not the best way to deliver business value,” Michael says.

What You Will Learn

The biggest lesson from The Content Formula is this: ‘Serve your customers. And you serve the business,’” Michael says. “The truth is that content marketing doesn't have to be all that hard, expensive, or even complicated. In our digital world, brands can utilize the channels we all use to share relevant content that your customers are actually looking for. And that commitment will translate into better business results and higher ROI than any other approach to marketing.”

If you have struggled with proving the ROI of your content marketing, but are ready to commit to a better way, The Content Formula is a great blueprint for success. Grab your copy today, and connect with Michael on LinkedIn and @brennermichael.

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