What’s Trending: Be a Marketing Superhero

July 29, 2016

What’s Trending: Be a Marketing Superhero

Last weekend was the 46th Annual San Diego International Comic Con. Thousands of fans gathered for the sold-out event, some waiting in line for hours, even days, to get into the most popular panels. Many of those fans wore handmade, elaborate costumes. The convention is one of the few places you might see Harry Potter dueling Iron Man, while Superman and Homer Simpson look on.

Seeing the news coverage from Comic Con made me think about the upcoming marketing conference season, starting with Content Marketing World and MozCon in September. It’s safe to say you won’t see many marketers in superhero costumes at either event (unless Joe Pulizzi dons an orange cape and goggles to be Content Marketing Man).

But even without a costume, you can be a marketing superhero. You can use your extraordinary powers of insight, empathy, and technical savvy. You can create, optimize, and amplify content to get truly super results.

This week’s roundup of top marketing content can help you discover your hidden superpowers. You will learn how to better attribute leads to your content marketing, how to increase CTR on your landing pages, and much more. So buckle your utility belt, pull on your mask and cowl, and dive in.

Top Marketing Articles to Read This Week:

1. The Missing Link in Your Content Promotion Strategy

Learn why proper lead attribution is a missing link in most content strategies, and how to close the gap, from Vertical Measures Director of Marketing Quinn Whissen.

2. Here’s Why I Didn’t Engage with Your Content

Research shows that 50% of content gets eight shares or less. Find out how to put your content in the other 50% with these tips from ion interactive Co-Founder Anna Talerico.

3. The 4th Reason for Content Marketing: A Profit Center

What if your content generated revenue not only from brand lift or conversions, but directly from the content itself? Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi examines the new trend of self-sustaining media profit centers within brands.

4. 3 Signs Your Landing Page Copy Is Leaving Your Visitors High and Dry

Learn how to fix common landing page faux pas to create a higher-converting page with these tips from Invesp CEO Khalid Saleh.

5. Explore the Content Editor Cosmos to Produce Out-of-This-World Writing

Rainmaker Digital’s Stefanie Flaxman introduces this stellar (pun intended) infographic tour through the cosmos of copy editing.

6. Content Marketing World Keynote Interview: Stephanie Losee, Visa

We’re a little over a month away from Content Marketing World. Get into the spirit with TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden’s interview of presenter Stephanie Losee, Head of Content at Visa.

7. Content Ranking #0: SEO for Answers

Moz Marketing Scientist Peter Meyers explains why Featured Snippets are important to marketers, and how to optimize your content to encourage Google to feature your content.

8. The Advertising ROI Calculator

Setting an ad budget that will generate an ROI worth the investment is tricky. HubSpot makes it simple to calculate your budget for ads across social media with their new calculator tool. It’s a useful tool for marketers and an inspiring example of interactive content.

9. 4 Successful Influencer Campaigns You Can Model

Learn four different ways influencer marketing can accomplish business goals with these real-world examples from Digital Strategist Shane Barker.

10. How Will Content Marketing Evolve in 2017?

In this inaugural episode of the Real Smart Marketing video series, Mention’s Joei Chan asks an impressive group of marketing thought leaders to take a look at the near future of content marketing.

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