Marketing Book Worth a Look: Marketing Now by David Bain

February 25, 2020

Marketing Now by David Bain

What if there were one single piece of advice that could dramatically transform your digital marketing strategy for the better? It’s possible there is.

The problem is that “you” in this case could refer to any number of different people, functions, and businesses. Marketers face such a diverse range of challenges, objectives, and scenarios — across varied environments, industries, and verticals — that it’s impossible for any one insight to apply universally. 

That’s why author David Bain went to great lengths to cover the modern marketing spectrum in his insight-packed new book, Marketing Now: 134 of the World's Leading SEO, Online Advertising and Social Media Gurus Share Their Number 1, Actionable Digital Marketing Tip.

As the title suggests, David spoke with practitioners from a wide variety of specializations and backgrounds to produce this comprehensive compendium of recommendations and revelations. 

“It’s simply advice on how to blend best practice digital marketing with best practice conventional marketing, and do it in a manner that works for the long-term,” he explains in introducing the book. 

Among the many luminaries featured in the book is our own Senior Content Marketing Manager Alex Rynne, who drops some wisdom on content strategy and the often-lopsided balance between creation and promotion. You’ll find plenty of other recognizable names sharing their topical expertise within the pages of Marketing Now. 

To learn more about why David wrote the book and what he hopes marketers get out of it, we asked him and he was kind enough to share some thoughts. Scroll down to read our quick Q&A.

Take a Look: Marketing Now, by David Bain

1) What inspired you to write Marketing Now, and why did you feel it was important to include so many different voices and perspectives?

Marketing Now was produced in an unusual way. Several months ago, I hosted a series of livestreams in which many of the book’s contributors joined me to reveal their No. 1, actionable marketing tip. The breadth and depth of advice shared was incredible and the content simply had to be published as a book. Having 134 experienced marketing professionals involved in the production of the content reduces the likelihood of bias and ensures that all of the key, up-to-date topics are covered.

2) Why is this book an important read for modern digital marketers?

It’s so tough to keep in touch with the latest marketing trends and tactics – Marketing Now provides 134 bite-sized perspectives of how you should be honing your marketing activities to embrace today’s technologies and communication platforms. It’s an ideal starting point to stay up to date on what works now, in just a few hours.

3) Amidst the many insights and recommendations, is there one overarching revelation or takeaway you hope readers draw from Marketing Now? If so, what is it?

I’d encourage you to read the book and list your own key takeaways. In the concluding chapter I list the 10 tips that resonated most with me, but I’m also at pains to point out that just because certain tips were important for me, that doesn’t mean that the same tips should be top priority for you. Different readers will select different takeaways, depending on what kind of business they work in and the various marketing activities that they’re currently working on. If you get the book, reach out to me on LinkedIn and let me know what resonated with you!

Start Living in the Now

If you feel you might be lagging behind the times with any aspect of your marketing strategy, Marketing Now offers a great opportunity to get up to speed. With the content broken into digestible short sections, it’s a brisk read that is relentlessly informative.

We thank David for putting it together, and taking the time to answer our questions. You can grab a copy of his book here.

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