4 Keys to Connecting with Today’s Prospective Students

December 10, 2015

Earlier this year, LinkedIn embarked on a research study to gain insights on the prospective graduate students’ decision journey. We wanted to understand how digital and social media has empowered prospects throughout the decision process, and help marketers rethink their strategies to improve how they nurture and convert prospects. What we found out is that schools need to be in front of prospects early in the decision cycle in order to make the consideration set.

But what is the best way to accomplish that?

To provide you with a quick summary of the key takeaways and implications from the research, we put together an infographic addressing these key questions:  

  • Why is the short list so important?
  • What role does social media and content play in the student’s decision process?
  • How do the key drivers for undertaking higher education vary by age group?

Higher education marketing is more complex than ever, and now is the time to either overcome these challenges and drive success, or fall behind.

Download the full research eBook and find new inspiration to differentiate your programs with a full funnel content marketing strategy.