How FIU Online Drove Four Qualified Applications in Less than Two Weeks with LinkedIn

December 16, 2015

FIU Online Degree

A public research-focused university based in Miami, Fla., with an enrollment of over 55,000 students, Florida International University has also developed a strong online learning presence. Through FIU Online, the university offers a wide range of online degree programs, including 20 undergraduate degrees and multiple graduate degrees in the areas of business, communications, education and engineering. However, because FIU Online’s programs are highly specialized, it needed a distinctive program to connect with the prospective students that had the appropriate job experience in each educational vertical market.

The How To: Connecting with the Right Prospects

To target these student demographics, Cristina Raecke, Executive Director, Marketing, Recruitment and Enrollment for FIU Online, turned to LinkedIn with the goal of increasing enrollment within these niche professional programs. Specifically, the school was looking to generate leads with the right kind of students for their programs as well as reengage prospects that had visited their website.

Initially, FIU Online utilized LinkedIn’s self-service platform to generate leads for its online Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs. After seeing good results on the self-service platform, the school decided to increase its investment to leverage LinkedIn’s portfolio of marketing solutions, including Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMail and Lead Accelerator.

For its multipronged outreach efforts, FIU Online segmented its target audiences according to criteria such as job function, education level and field of study. Using Sponsored Updates and Sponsored InMail, FIU Online targeted prospects who were most likely to be interested and qualified for their program. Through Lead Accelerator, the school was also able to follow up with students who visited their website by retargeting them with relevant ads and content on LinkedIn and across the web. “We’re always trying to find the right mix between brand awareness and lead generation, and I think that LinkedIn does a very good job of matching the two,”  she noted.

The Results

Incredibly, one of FIU Online’s InMail campaigns for their MS in Human Resource Management program resulted in four qualified applications in less than two weeks. For their other programs, they also saw a 1.8% increase in engagement rate on Sponsored Updates. Overall, the outreach effort has raised awareness of niche programs among targeted audiences and continues to allow FIU Online to connect with prospective students on a personal level.  

While FIU Online showcases the quality of the prospects they are able to reach on LinkedIn as a key benefit for investing in the platform, Raecke also appreciates the fact that, as opposed to many advertising platforms, it is simple to track the attribution of leads gained through the team’s marketing spend on LinkedIn.

By using a multipronged approach, FIU Online was able to build overall brand awareness and drive pre-qualified leads with the ultimate goal of increasing enrollment for their niche professional programs. “Our goal is always to increase enrollment with the right qualified students, and LinkedIn makes it so easy for us to find the target audiences that we need for our programs,” Raecke added.  

View the full case study to learn more about how FIU Online reached highly targeted prospects for online degree programs.

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