Insights to Power Your Higher Ed Marketing Strategy

March 10, 2020

LinkedIn Education Infographic

As a Higher Education marketer, you’re always looking for fresh insights about your audience and industry.  Finding ways to attract high quality students is essential to satisfying your colleagues in admissions who are relying on you more than ever to help engage and convert prospective candidates.  

LinkedIn hosts a community of more than 660+ million members – including 64 million students and recent grads, and millions of prospective students. LinkedIn is unique as the only platform capturing data about shifts in the worldwide workplace population and the demands of prospective students for Higher Ed programs. We continually sift through all that data to surface insights you can harness to fuel your marketing strategy. 

Take the infographic below. As it shows, not only can we help you understand more about prospective students on LinkedIn, we can help you better engage them. 

Discover ways to optimize your marketing mix and get the most out of your investment. We’re committed to helping you succeed with your marketing goals so check back regularly for more insights.