Join Us for an Exploration of Key Insights on the New Adult Learner

November 24, 2020

Female adult learner working alone in a library

Adult learners are coming out in full force. The disruptive nature of 2020 is motivating a new wave of students to seek out educational opportunities, presenting a key opportunity for higher education marketers to meet them where they’re at.

On Thursday, Dec. 3 at 2:00 PM ET, we will unpack extensive new research around this audience to understand who they are, what they’re looking for, and how to connect with the right message. Join us for Introducing Insights on the New Adult Learner with Elizabeth Scarborough Johnson.

A Big Moment for Higher Ed Marketers

In our recent virtual event, In Good Company: A New Wave of Students, we were joined by several experts and professionals in higher education to discuss this evolving landscape, and how schools and marketers can find their footing. 

Among our guests was Elizabeth Scarborough Johnson, chairwoman at SimpsonScarborough. She shared some nuggets from a comprehensive new research study conducted by her organization in partnership with LinkedIn. The findings illuminate a rise in demand for adult learning, along with several shifts in preferences and motivating factors. 

Among the critical insights uncovered:

  • Nearly 1 in 2 adult learners said their interest in pursuing additional education has increased since the advent of COVID-19
  • The new wave of students is seeking affordability, flexibility, and a user-friendly experience.
  • 2 in 3 are in an active consideration phase and 1 in 2 have plans to enroll within 6 months.
  • Adult learners are most interested in taking for-credit courses or earning for-credit certificates.

In her upcoming conversation with LinkedIn’s Jim SanMarco, Elizabeth will further elaborate on these findings and what they mean for today’s higher ed institutions.

What You’ll Learn in This Event

Those who attend will come away equipped with actionable insights to direct their strategies as they seek to engage and influence the new wave of adult learners. In particular, we’ll be focusing on:

  • WHO are these new adult learners? What is inspiring them to explore educational opportunities and how can marketers bridge the gap between rational and emotional drivers?
  • WHAT are they looking for? Research bears out clear priorities and preferences that are emerging as prospective students navigate uncertainty and evaluate online learning programs.
  • HOW can you develop a message that truly connects? The answer will always be unique based on your institution and its value proposition, but our data offers plenty of hints and cues on what will stand out and resonate with this audience.

Join us for this one-hour session and unlock a wealth of insight to inform your efforts in this critical moment for higher ed marketing. 

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