How J.P. Morgan Asset Management Reengaged Financial Advisors

July 20, 2016

How J.P. Morgan Asset Management Reengaged Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors (FAs) are time-poor, but hungry for insight. The challenge for asset management marketers is to determine how best to engage with this audience that is so difficult to influence. In an industry where financial news and information is commonplace, how does a finance marketer cut through the noise to make an impact? With 250k financial advisors in the United States alone [i] whom manage on average a portfolio $90.2M [ii], it is imperative that financial marketers provide actionable insight that financial advisors can leverage. 

Understanding this, J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) set out in to change the conversation they were having with FAs. FAs on LinkedIn are 115% more likely to follow industry trends, 230% more likely to share content and have a connection size 147% larger than our average member and for JPMAM they saw that LinkedIn Sponsored Content was the best way to reengage this audience. In 2015, JPMAM began refreshing their digital strategy and in partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services accomplished extraordinary results. 

For JPMAM, the concept was simple; provide best-in-class content to FAs to make them better at their jobs and deliver larger portfolios….win/win. How did they accomplish this?  Below is a sneak-peak but to get the full story download: The Complexity Challenge

Invest in images and infographics: FAs want interesting and relevant information that they can digest easily anywhere. Earlier this year HubSpot published ‘37 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2016’ and trust me in saying that after point 3 or 4 you will be convinced in investing in great images for you financial content marketing efforts. JPMAM was one step ahead and put images and infographics as a centerpiece of their content marketing efforts. Think their jaded, old or cliché? Think again! Infographics are a driving force in providing information across platforms. They provide a means to tell a great story in a shorter amount time and best of all they can look cool (yes I said cool in an article about asset management!). 

Have a clear customer journey: positioning relevant content in front of the FA is just a fraction of the necessary input needed to truly engage with them. If your landing page doesn’t continue to provide additional value, then you aren’t building the strongest relationship you can achieve. JPMAM took their landing page one step further and created a customized experience driven by a LinkedIn’s Application Program Interface in order to provide tailored content and a more interactive experience. By continuously investing in FAs who reached their website, JPMAM was able to significantly impact the downstream engagement and site interactions beyond the first click.

Have a reliable content piece: every quarter JPMAM publishes a “Guide to the Markets©”, an illustrative comprehensive guide with an array of market and economic histories, trends and statistics through clear charts and graphs designed specifically for FAs to share with their clients. These guides have become staples in their content marketing mix and every quarter are highly anticipated.

JPMAM’s proposition is to empower financial advisors to make more informed investment decisions for their clients and in partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services they did just that. Curious as to how JPMAM accomplished this? 

Download our newest case study, The Complexity Challenge.