Introducing the Agents of Change Video Series Examining the Findustrial Revolution

September 12, 2016

Agents of Change

The rise of technology and data is poised to transform the financial services sector. And in the vanguard of what’s known as the “findustrial revolution,” few entreprenuers are as visionary as Chris Gledhill.

Let’s see if we can start a bank that challenges the concept of what a bank is.” — Chris Gledhill, CEO & Co-Founder, Secco

Gledhill’s visionary status is why we sought him out to be part of the first wave of our Agent of Change interviews. From upstart challengers to seasoned bank CEOs, over the coming months we’ll bring you the most trenchant and provocative thinking from the change makers of finance.

In additional to Gledhill, highlights in this first wave of releases include:

Hardeep Walia, Founder and CEO of Motif Investing, sharing lessons from the front line of a challenger brand.

“I always say: follow the money. If it doesn’t change the economics, it’s not disruptive innovation.” — Hardeep Walia

Eduardo Vergara, Head of Payment Services, Silicon Valley Bank on financing the disruption agenda.

“Acquisitions are very tricky without destroying a small company along the way.” — Eduardo Vergara

Alex Sion, Co-Founder of Moven on how they seek to bring innovation to the customer experience.

“The era of omni channels is over.” — Alex Sion

These Agent of Change interviews are a central component of our World FinTech Report 2017, produced in conjunction with Capgemini and Efma.

In undertaking this research, we’re seeking to sidestep the artificially bipolar debate of “which side will win.” Instead, we start from the customers’ perspective and ask: What are the moments that matter most on their financial journeys? What are the experience principles that brands should embrace at these points – speed, cost, simplicity, convenience, or even a sense of belonging? We also help to build a much more nuanced view of the approaches financial institutions can take to building these innovations, from acquisition to partnering, incubating and in-house development.

The program will crescendo to our FinXTech event in New York on November 1. As well as showcasing the World Fintech Report 2017, this conference will feature panel debates and workshops with CEOs and change makers from both incumbents and challengers, and will be streamed live to a global audience. 

So stay plugged-in for the next wave of thought-provoking interviews over the coming weeks including the CEO of Barclays and an executive from challenger-bank Atom.

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