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Where Finance and Technology Collaborate

October 12, 2016

Marketing for Financial Services

Join us on November 1, 2016 at 2pm EST for a live broadcast of FinanceConnect 2016, sponsored by American Express. This event is guaranteed to be the most thought-provoking collaboration between Finance and Technology.

This is the 4th year of FinanceConnect and it will be the best yet as we release the World FinTech Report 2017 from Capgemini and LinkedIn in collaboration with Efma. For both incumbents and challenger brands, we'll go even deeper to reveal the ‘moments that matter’ most in the customer's journey. We’ll also showcase global innovation, and outline the practical steps to best applying innovation in your organization.

Featuring the Agents of Change in FinTech and Finance, our live broadcast will include:

  • Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK and Suresh Ramamurthi, Chairman, CBW Bank speaking on the Financial Change Imperative. Where best for incumbents to focus their investments and how operational change needs to be managed?
  • Chris Skinner, CEO, The Finanser discussing insights around the Network Revolution - What does this mean for financial institutions and how should they change and adapt to keep pace?  Which new companies are developing this new world fastest? Which new entrants, if any, should worry incumbent financial institutions? 
  • Bill Sullivan, Head of Global Financial Services and Market Intelligence, Capgemini sharing the key findings from the World FinTech Report 2017.  The report will reveal the latest pragmatic strategies from FinTech and how Financial Services firms can improve their customer experiences with agility.
  • Hardeep Walia, CEO & Founder, Motif Investing; Naureen Hassan, CDO, Morgan Stanley; Linda Duncombe, CMO, Citi FinTech and Eduardo Vergara, Head of Payment Services, Silicon Valley Bank providing insights on innovation models and strategies and how to apply these within your organization. They will also share first-hand experiences on how leading firms overcome the challenges of digesting innovation.
  • Neff Hudson, VP Corporate Development, USAA and Alex Sion, Co-Founder, Moven delivering a practical panel session on new customer journeys and the most valuable ‘Moments of Truth’ to master.  Which are the most compelling examples of innovation from around the world at key stages, and which future forces are going to have impact?

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