Live Video Webcast: Bear Market Lessons from Dr. Mohamed El-Erian

March 3, 2016

Bear Market Lessons from Dr. Mohamed El-Erian

In the wake of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win for Best Actor, there’s still a lot of talk about that bear mauling scene in “The Revenant.” On Wednesday, March 9 at 11:00AM ET/8:00AM PT, in a live video webcast Dr. Mohamed El-Erian will discuss a bear mauling of a different sort: the bear market that sent the global economy reeling.

It’s the seven-year anniversary of the bear market lows from the financial crisis. Dr. El-Erian, Chair of President Obama's Global Development Council and Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, will sit down with Emmy-nominated CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger to discuss key lessons of the financial crisis. 

Dr. El-Erian helped coin the phrase “The New Normal” following the global financial crisis. He holds the view that it takes many years for an economy to fully recover from a period of excessive leverage, extreme debt, irresponsible risk taking and credit extension.

In this webcast, Schlesinger will explore themes of El-Erian's recent book, The Only Game in Town: Central Banks, Instability, and Avoiding The Next Collapse.

The pair will discuss:

  • Progress made since the financial crisis
  • The changing role of central banks
  • Key challenges that lie ahead
  • Decisions to avoid future crises
  • How financial brands should prepare customers for future economic change

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