Build Brand Trust with These 5 C’s

September 26, 2017

Digital Trust

Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer shows that the trust bridge between brand and consumer is crumbling. And faced with the onslaught of fake news and irrelevant adverts, consumers are right to feel disengaged and suspicious of online content.

So how can marketers help rebuild the connection?

Our infographic below explores the five ways that organizations can restore consumers’ faith in their brand. These actionable steps give marketers the information they need to start making a change today.

The five Cs are:

1)    Content – use thought leadership

2)    Communicate – use a human voice

3)    Community – be an active part of groups

4)    Constant – be always-on

5)    Context – consider the platform you’re publishing on

And to learn more about how you can build credibility and trust with audiences online, visit our Currency of Trust hub.