Building Brand Trust – Help Is Close to Hand

November 28, 2017

LinkedIn Pathfinders of Trust

Pathfinder Deidre H. Campbell, Global Chair of Financial Services at Edelman believes we’re seeing a steady decline of trust in today’s media.

Her organization’s 2017 Trust Barometer shows that trust in institutions is reaching all-time lows while self-proclaimed reformers are now more trusted than status quo advocates.

So, what can reputable brands do to elevate themselves from this fog of distrust and prove to customers that they can be relied on? And who can brands turn to for help?

Good news ambassadors

The answer, for many brands, may be closer to home than previously thought.

As Deidre tells us in our ‘Pathfinders of Trust’ video series, a good brand generally has a band of people who are more than willing to defend and advocate for it. They’re called employees.

Strikingly, the financial sector – the least trusted by the public – is most trusted by its own employees to do the right thing according to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer.

An untapped resource

As Deidre tells us in her video, that gives financial brands “an army of brand ambassadors”. It’s a resource that currently goes largely untapped by many organizations and is therefore a huge brand advocacy opportunity as they are willing to “promote and defend” their employer’s brand.

To hear more from Deidre H. Campbell on her top lessons for building trust and how trust can affect a brand’s bottom line, watch her ‘Pathfinders of Trust’ video today.

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