Feel the Fear – and Make Connections Anyway

Pathfinders of Trust

November 15, 2017

LinkedIn Pathfinders

At a time when trust is elusive, it takes bravery for a brand to put its head above the parapet and take a stand on current issues.

Defining what you stand for allows people to identify with you. It can be the first step to building a strong relationship. But inevitably, it exposes you to scrutiny and potential criticism too.

That’s a point made by Ben Boyd, President, Practices and Sectors, for Edelman, one of the ‘Pathfinders of Trust’ in our new video series.

As Ben states, “At a time in which a brand should be leaning in to issues to define and shape perception, it’s incredibly frightening to think about the risks that might come with that.”

Causes count for consumers

However, Ben argues that a courageous approach can enable brands to differentiate themselves by staking out their place in society.

As he points out, Edelman’s research has found that two in three respondents now buy – or boycott – products more often because of their connection with causes. And one in three are doing this far more frequently than they did only a couple of years ago.

Consumers “desire to be in deeper, more committed relationships” with brands, Ben points out. And when they find this kind of relationship, they buy more, will pay a premium, and will act as a loyal advocate of the brand in question. 

Why context matters

Ben goes on to point out “the context of content has never mattered more than it does today” which means that where you find a brand in terms of platform choice is critical.  I agree with Ben when he claims the role of a brand marketer has never been more exciting.

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