How Next Generation Thinking is Unlocking Higher-Value Conversations

August 23, 2017

Thought Leadership

The traditional ‘marketing-led’ approach to Thought Leadership often fails at the final hurdle. Marketing identifies a big picture theme, commissions research, generates interest and cascades toolkits to enable front line sales teams to deliver.

Yet, less than 30% of this content is actually deployed. Amongst the contributing factors are lack of perceived relevance, lack of confidence and lack of resource. Engagement may be recorded, but associated revenue is often anecdotal.

But a next generation model, pioneered by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS), is helping Finance Marketers to bridge the growing disconnect with sales, driving engagement throughout the entire journey.

Our latest case study Crack the ‘Last Mile’ of Thought Leadership demonstrates how LMS implemented this new ‘flip the funnel’ approach in its Financial Services vertical, allowing it to:

  • Mine the emerging needs of target audiences, many of which were already known
  • Recognize that the prevailing focus on ‘tech’ was a distraction in client conversations
  • Identify that harnessing both tech and trust would be key to creating engaging customer journeys.

The resulting campaign, ‘The World FinTech Report 2017’, illustrated what these ‘next generation journeys’ should look like for horizon-scanning CMOs and tactical implementers alike, achieving success for the vertical across the board:

  • Year-on-year growth of more than 33% to become the second biggest revenue-generating sector within LMS
  • 10x return on marketing investment through new sales pipeline generation
  • 97% satisfied or very satisfied with the event
  • Net Promoter Score of 70
  • Feedback from AEs that they are now considered the most strategic vendor.

Download Crack the ‘Last Mile’ of Thought Leadership to find out more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization drive engagement throughout the entire customer journey.