Introducing a Financial Services Content Hub

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May 10, 2017

LinkedIn Marketing: Financial Services

Financial services marketing is changing. Disruption is everywhere we turn and as a marketer you have to have the right knowledge and react quickly as these forces of change reshape every financial services sector. At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services we see two broad forces disrupting finance.

The first of these is digital disruption, which is ushering in a new breed of competitor. In the past five years, $25bn has been invested in the FinTech sector according to analysis from McKinsey. Also, an estimated 4,000 new FinTech firms are challenging the market. Collaborations between FinTechs and incumbents are also succeeding in delivering better, quicker and more digitally personalized customer experiences. This shift is also being driven by heightened customer expectations around technological capabilities.

But this isn’t just about technology. Trust is a huge factor in the financial services market. Our World FinTech Report research revealed consumers gave incumbents a higher trust rating, which shows that brand heritage gives providers a sizeable defensive barrier. On the flip side, when consumers had experience of a FinTech provider, they were more likely to trust a FinTech brand. It therefore seems that the future battle for customer preference will be won by trust, not technology. This emerging reality puts the role of financial services marketing center stage.

What tools do you need to ensure you are driving deeper engagement with highly targeted, compelling content during these disruptive times? How can we support you at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services?

We can offer you two unique solutions to help you respond to these challenges: closeness to your audience; and a range of marketing solutions to create the most engaging customer journeys. To help guide you, we have developed a dedicated financial services website.

This hub of valuable content will give you all the tools you need to rethink your own brand’s customer journeys to ensure these are intuitive, personalized and integrated across different channels. 

Visit LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services today to find out: 

  • Why finance marketers partner with LinkedIn.
  • How to market your financial brand on LinkedIn.
  • What success looks like through our series of financial brand marketing case studies.
  • How to invest in your own success with our resource center of research studies, topical webinars and thought provoking interviews.

We want to help you stay one step ahead. Visit LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services to learn how to market your financial brand on LinkedIn. We will regularly update our rich content hub to ensure you have all the tools and guidance you need to remain center stage.