LinkedIn Research Reveals 5 Key Findings About High Net Worth Millennials

February 2, 2017


By 2020, Millennials and Generation X will control $30 trillion of investable assets. So it’s extremely important that wealth managers understand Millennials’ different attitudes to wealth and expectations of customer experience as they are commanding major changes within the wealth management industry. In addition, other big changes that are impacting the business models of today’s wealth managers include the rise of fintechs challenging traditional incumbents and robo-advisers providing opportunities to automate investments.

So how does this impact the role of wealth managers and their relationship with high net worth individuals in the future?

To help us understand this complex changing situation, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services and Greenwich Associates conducted a study which identifies how wealth managers can successfully engage high net worth Millennials and Generation X along their customer journey. The study was based on 469 respondents across the United States, United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. This blog focuses on data from a subset of 202 United State respondents only.

Top 5 Findings Revealed…  

The good news is that high net worth individuals appear to be looking for a balance of engagement approaches, covering emerging innovative tech solutions supported by human touch points. They still value the experience and intelligence of a personal wealth manager but, depending on their age, have different levels of tech requirements.

Wealth managers can succeed in this demanding changing landscape if they work now to understand high net worth individuals and their customer journey, by proactively targeting this audience with the right balance of high tech and high touch products and services, as well as offering content and communications that appeal to their clients’ social and financial needs.  

To take a look at the full study, download Next Generation Customer Journey in Wealth Management: High Tech or High Touch? 

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