Rethink the Client Journey: Management Consulting Services

In a marketplace crowded with thought leadership, make sure yours is the voice that decision-makers trust.

June 29, 2017

Rethink the Client Journey: Management Consulting Services

Today’s management consulting services CMOs are under pressure to create content and in particular thought leadership that establishes their brand as a subject matter expert.

But regardless of volume, producing innovative and compelling thought leadership that differentiates your firm from its competitors is a challenge.

And the stakes are high: after consuming compelling thought leadership content, 76% of executives are influenced in their purchasing decisions, 67% would be willing to advocate for that brand and 83% are influenced in the choice of potential business partner.

This is why delivering thought leadership that connects with individuals throughout the client journey must be underpinned by a carefully considered, strategic approach that reflects their needs and preferred channels.

One crucial trend for CMOs to address is B2B buyers’ increasing tendency to value informed and respected individuals as more credible sources of information than the brand’s own word, as conveyed through mainstream media and advertising.

This shift in the way in which thought leadership is delivered is also recognized by The Economist Group:

It’s no longer about handing down white papers from on high. It’s about visual literacy; it’s about serialization; it’s about reaching executives with differentiated insights and precision-targeted scale.”

When looking to build trust, direct personal interaction and peer influence are now critical. Success today hinges on being able to harness social media platforms to identify influential personas and ensure that your innovative thought leadership is shared and discussed.

Amongst C-suite leadership, CXOs and Next Generation CXOs are important target personas who are 16% and 12% more likely, respectively, to use LinkedIn to stay up to date with industry news and insight. CXOs are also almost 200% more likely to amplify content to their network of affluent professionals, while Next Generation CXOs are 100% more likely to share.

When it comes to subject-specific insight, CXOs are nearly 5X more likely to engage with content on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning and Next Generation CXOs are more than 3X more likely to engage with content on Digital Transformation.

LinkedIn offers you access to these key decision-makers and their influencers, as well as the targeting and presentation tools to help you to start inspiring relevant and compelling conversations with the right people.

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