SMEs Disrupted: Lessons You Need to Learn to Improve the Customer Journey

March 22, 2017

LinkedIn Marketing Webinar

“Spending unnecessary time doing admin is just crazy. We want to help small businesses spend less time doing their banking and more time focusing on their business,” says Luka Ivicevic, who, as a small business owner, hated trudging through the freezing rain to make an international payment. “We thought, why don't we build a bank that integrates all the best FinTech services and apps in one place and make it as easy to use as Uber or booking an AirBnB.” He co-founded Penta Bank as a result to improve the customer experience at all stages of their journey.

So what does a great customer journey look like, and how do you market this?

Penta Bank found that SME owners are spending up to 11 hours a week on admin. They are now on a mission to automate business banking so startups can focus more on innovating. So if everything becomes automated, and SMEs can get on with business and their personal lives and not think about banking, what role will marketing play for banks? The best products often don’t win – so how will your brand drive engagement at each stage of the customer journey?

Join our 60-minute webinar SMEs Disrupted: Lessons You Need to Learn to Improve the Customer Journey at 8am PT/4pm GMT on Wednesday, March 29th 2017 to learn how Penta Bank and other FinTech startups are revolutionizing traditional SME banking.

Incumbent banks are often criticized for not lending to small businesses, and government is putting pressure on them. However, Gary Turner, Co-Founder & Managing Director of ‘beautiful accounting software’ company Xero, says, “The reality is if you look at the financial records of most small businesses you wouldn't give them any money.” Business owners are walking into banks with Excel spreadsheets and out-of-date and incomplete financial records that their accountant hasn't really looked at. “Getting small businesses to take responsibility for their recordkeeping and accounting in financial affairs is what we're trying to stimulate.”

Described by Forbes as the “World’s Most Innovative Growth Company,” Xero operates on a subscription model that actually connects account management to banking, provides a real-time dashboard, and is cloud-based, so people can run their business from anywhere.

Join our webinar, hosted by FinTech Influencer and 11:FS CEO David Brear, and you’ll learn:

  • The pain points of SME customers and how innovative companies are giving them their lives back.
  • How technology is affecting everything from invoicing to SME lending.
  • The moments that matter most in the SME customer journey.
  • How incumbents and new players like Kabbage work together to create better customer experiences.
  • How PSD2 could benefit customers, and an overview of Treating Customers Fairly regulation.
  • What the future of marketing to SMEs could look like.
  • The difference in approach between FinTechs and incumbents in getting people to adopt products.

Our expert panel will include:

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