Video Series: Defining Success

August 5, 2017

Passion, and how it drives businesspeople both professionally and personally, is a regular and lively topic of conversation among LinkedIn members.

Our new video series "Defining Success," sponsored by TIAA, asks TIAA employees about what achieving success – and enabling it for others – means to them and their careers. Below is a cross-section of the video series. 

Kelly Lin

Kelly Lin talks how her family’s experience of emigrating to the US inspired her to choose a career in finance. She now uses her expertise to help other families build wealth for coming generations.

TIAA's Kelly Lin on "Defining Success"

Christina Cutlip

Christina Cutlip explains that she feels good about helping her clients to plan for their retirement, knowing they are then free to focus on doing their own job well. 

TIAA's Christina Cutlip on "Defining Success"

Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott says that being able to return to successfully work with the communities and institutions which nurtured his own education and career is all the reward he needs.

TIAA's Jeffrey Scott on "Defining Success"

For these and other perspectives on success, view the entire series.

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