What Are the Most Successful Ways to Build Trust For Your Brand?

April 14, 2017

Agents of Change

The next wave of our ‘Agents of Change’ initiative has been launched. The series features interviews with individuals at the forefront of innovation across the financial services sector. Throughout the series there are valuable insights from not only FinTech challengers but established incumbent CEOs as well as those charged with delivering digital change within high profile organizations. 

Our latest series includes Rishad Tobaccowala, Strategy & Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe. He shares his invaluable insights on whether brands have a role as repositories of trust and the successful ways to build customer relationships in the current climate. 

He also stresses the importance the role authenticity plays in the financial services sector and how he feels that people now believe a brand’s employees more than a brand’s customers. Rishad also talks about the critical need for every company to have a Chief Marketing Officer on the Board as ‘the CMO should be the voice of the customer.’

Technology is like a sling shot that allows David to bring down Goliath. But if you are not customer obsessed you cannot succeed’. - Rishad Tobaccowala, Strategy & Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe

Our Agents of Change series also includes Jim Marous, Publisher & FinTech Strategist. He shares his thoughts on the benefits of a FinTech and incumbent partnership, the challenges facing innovation and the issues with the personalization of the customer experience.

‘There is a big gap between the personalization that people want and the personalization that financial institutions can deliver.’ - Jim Marous, Publisher & FinTech Strategist

Clara Shih, CEO & Founder of Hearsay Systems knows there has to be a relationship between culture and innovation in order to succeed. ‘Social, digital and innovation have to be owned by the CEO and every person on the management team in order for anything to happen.’ During her thought-provoking interview she also shares her insights around the importance of human interaction during the customer journey and the role technology can play to digitally arm financial advisors.

‘The unfortunate reality is compliance has been used as an excuse to not do anything.  That is why banks have fallen behind when it comes to technology and innovation.’ - Clara Shih, CEO & Founder, Hearsay Systems

Our latest set of interviews includes Barb Agoglia, Head of Global Brand & Communications, Global Commerce Payments, American Express. She talks about the evolution of customer experience and how many FinTechs are changing the way they interact with their customers. She also stresses the importance of having the customer need at the heart of innovation.

‘The customer need that we’re solving is our North Star.’ Barb Agoglia, Head of Global Brand & Communications, Global Commerce Payments, American Express

Neal Cross, Chief Innovation Officer, DBS Bank leads the organization’s approach to new technology. He talks about what he’s learnt from meeting with emerging FinTech companies and how they go about devising solutions to customer problems. He also discusses the importance of banks being able to engage with their customers on a daily basis.

‘That next wave, post-FinTech, is where we’ll see high levels of disruption.’ - Neal Cross, Chief Innovation Officer, DBS Bank 

Our Agents of Change program is a central component of our World FinTech Report 2017, produced in conjunction with Capgemini and Efma. Our research focuses on the moments that matter most in a customers’ financial journey and the experience and innovation principles that brands should apply at different stages.  The full suite of these Agents of Change interviews can be found here.

To continue to hear the unique perspectives from more Agents of Change, follow our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions - Financial Services Showcase Page.