How Building a Trust Relationship Through Useful Content Can Boost Your Leads

March 7, 2018

Targeted messaging isn’t just right time, right place. It’s about the right conversation with a trusted source.

In every client relationship, trust is an essential ingredient and that’s perhaps even more the case in financial services. Building trust is an activity that takes time it won’t happen overnight or in the delivery of just one message.

Standard Chartered Bank wanted to reach out to the right senior human resource professionals to explain the benefits of their employee banking proposition. The scheme is all about helping companies meet their workers’ financial needs through structured domestic and regional staff benefits programs. Standard Chartered Bank’s marketing team needed to identify the professionals with the relevant skills and seniority, then establish real conversations and consistently deliver valuable content.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services was the perfect partner for this campaign because many of the target professionals in Standard Chartered Bank’s tightly defined geographic market were already talking and sharing information on LinkedIn. On top of that, LinkedIn could target individuals by industry, sector and job title and its tools enabled the bank to use the intelligence gathered on customer needs to help develop relevant content.  

For more on how Standard Chartered Bank quadrupled employee banking page visits with their on-target, on-message campaign, download Start Conversations, Build Trust.