How Successful Partnerships Can Help You Target Content to Relevant and Receptive Audiences

January 24, 2018

Financial service professional showing a client laser-focused content that was relevant to their needs

In 2014, author Mark Schaefer coined the term ‘content shock’. He described it as a time when 'increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.'

Three years on, and content shock is a very real thing. Readers are assailed with content through a variety of channels and mediums 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is the challenge facing many organizations today.

So how can brands reach out to their audiences effectively with differentiated content that is both relevant and compelling? How can they punch through the content shock wall and prove to their time-poor audiences that they can be trusted?

This is the very issue which Mizuho Financial Group encountered when, in 2016, they launched Mizuho Americas.

With competition for the attention of financial decision-makers as fierce as ever, Mizuho had to find a way to:

  • Increase their brand recognition;
  • Reach the right audience; and
  • Highlight its value proposition and unique differentiating factors in an authentic and natural way.

All this on a strict budget.

The solution? Mizuho partnered with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services to deliver a content strategy solution which targeted corporate finance executives and institutional investors with laser-focused content that was relevant to their needs.

Using the Matched Audience tool, Mizuho was able to not only target by location but also, uniquely to LinkedIn, by company name, job title and job function.

For more details about how Mizuho used LinkedIn to tell their story, download The Aim Game: How to Deliver Your Message with Precision.