LinkedIn for Financial Services Consumer Marketing Is Right on the Money

Firms are seeing increased ROI with their consumer marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Learn why, what, and how they’re doing it.

August 5, 2021

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As financial services marketers compete for a consumer audience, they are always looking for the most efficient and effective ways to promote their brands and products. LinkedIn recently commissioned "Meet the Member," a global report including insights from Business Insider and Forrester research, which found that financial services firms are increasingly viewing LinkedIn as an ideal platform to reach active, high-quality, high-intent consumers. LinkedIn members are a highly receptive and trusting audience that is already saving and investing, and financial services marketers can connect with them through compelling content that educates and inspires.

Research Insights:

LinkedIn members are a high value, receptive audience of investors and savers with the right mindset.

We know the financial consumer audience is on LinkedIn. But, what’s the best way to connect with them?

Consumers on LinkedIn are more ambitious, motivated, and optimistic than other social media users.

They’re looking for a wide variety of content from financial services brands including, content that further deepens their financial knowledge and provides high-level guidance.

Inspirational content like personal success stories that describe how individuals achieved their goals.

Brand leaders’ philosophies and approach to personal finance.

Timely new updates that talk about how products and features are helpful at the current moment.

BNY Mellon’s “Good Advice” Proves to be a Great Message on LinkedIn

BNY Mellon Wealth Management is another great example of a top financial services brand having success with its consumer marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Recently, they used LinkedIn to help launch a brand awareness, consumer-focused campaign aimed at highlighting the company’s philosophy that “good advice makes a difference.”

Using LinkedIn’s targeting tools and certified LinkedIn marketing partner Acxiom, BNY Mellon was able to identify vital third-party insights about the desired niche audience of ultra-high-net-worth-individuals.

BNY Mellon's Campaign Success Metrics

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LinkedIn members are knowledgeable, engaged, and motivated. Most importantly, they're eager to connect with financial services marketers who can educate and inspire them.

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