Reaching Healthcare Consumers Along Their Journey

Reaching the right healthcare consumer audience, at the right time, in the right place.

June 14, 2021

A man in a suit and a female in hospital scrubs are having a meeting in a hospital office. They are both smiling.

Fully Understanding the Marketing Funnel and the Healthcare Consumer Mindset

With interest in healthcare content on LinkedIn growing exponentially in the past year, and Healthcare consumers using platform information to guide their healthcare decisions, marketers are increasingly looking at the platform to power a full-funnel marketing strategy.

This evolving consumer behavior represents an enormous opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves and strike the right balance in their digital marketing efforts. These audiences are seeking robust content that contains new insights and information. On LinkedIn, 25% to 30% of content produced by individuals and brands now focuses on knowledge sharing and thought leadership. But, what is the best time and what are the best types of messaging when trying to reach this audience? Thinking about the marketing funnel (awareness, intent, desire and action) from top to bottom can be a way to visualize the healthcare consumer’s evolving mindset. Our insights show that healthcare marketers tend to focus on the middle of the funnel, but different sectors of the industry can find opportunities in both the top and bottom of the funnel.

Rising to the Challenge

The fast-moving nature of the pandemic offered brands an opportunity to communicate with audiences in a timely manner that increased engagement and built trust.

Sharing the Powerful Science

Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla provided an update on the efficacy results of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine program. The message is straightforward and factual rather than overly promotional about why Pfizer’s vaccine is the best on the market.

Showcasing Solutions

Walgreens shared its vaccine related hiring efforts and invited Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians with vaccine-administration experience to apply to community branches, with their corporate page showcasing opportunities across the U.S.

Highlighting Heroes

Medical device firm Abbott Laboratories offered content that addressed the top of the funnel on LinkedIn – where consumers are learning and marketers have an opportunity to create awareness and affinity for their brand:

These examples show a few of the ways brands can connect with their stakeholders using relevant content; responsive public education, talent recruitment and community engagement.

Connect With the Right Audience

LinkedIn members with an interest in healthcare engage with a wide array of content, formats, and topics at every point in the marketing funnel. They want to learn more about products and services, trends and best practices, and what key opinion leaders and experts think about them.

Your key audiences are LinkedIn members:

In fact, 45% of the world’s healthcare professionals are LinkedIn members. This audience is looking for thought leadership content. What’s more, when they come to LinkedIn, they are highly engaged to make considered decisions and do business. LinkedIn members are twice as intent-driven when compared to other social media platforms.

Sixty-seven percent of LinkedIn members value posts by brands on the platform. Their positive mindset makes them more receptive to ads and more likely to engage with content. Audiences seeking to learn and looking for advice are 1.7x more likely to be receptive to advertising. LinkedIn members are 1.2x more likely to enjoy receiving health and wellness information from healthcare companies.

Engagement with healthcare content among
LinkedIn members increased 3x in 2020.

Finding the Right Balance

Rather than focusing your efforts on either brand or demand, we recommend that you take a more balanced, full-funnel approach to your digital content marketing programs. The more a campaign focuses on increasing share of mind – the more effective:

Part of this balance lies in finding more effective ways to measure, monitor and maximize value. Healthcare marketers must think about both short and long-term value when building campaigns – and use both immediate KPIs and long-term ROI metrics. LinkedIn and their marketing partners can help healthcare marketers embrace new ways to calculate impact and communicate value.


Healthcare consumer behaviors are changing. They are increasingly turning to digital platforms for healthcare information (and inspiration). As a result, healthcare marketers are challenged to better understand their audience’s wants, needs and behaviors - and meet their expectations - through connected, engaging, and dynamic digital content marketing. Many healthcare brands are having success doing that on LinkedIn. The key is delivering the right balance of brand and demand messaging at the right time – all along the healthcare marketing funnel.

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