5 Tech Voices You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

September 29, 2016

5 Tech Voices You Should Be Following on LinkedIn

When you’re looking for inspiring and informative professional perspective online, where do you go? Are there experts that keep meaningful tabs on your industry? Or executives whose insights you turn to for fresh insights and new ideas? If so, you already recognize the huge opportunity to engage with, and learn from peers online.

One of the most valuable aspects of LinkedIn is that every member has an opportunity to share their voice in a communal and communicative space — one that goes beyond the routine personal blog, op-ed, or press release. In turn, this enables imaginative and diverse thought leadership to thrive — with over 4.1 million members of the technology community engaging with, and contributing to, on-platform content and conversations. 

So when it comes to all things tech, voices on LinkedIn are flourishing. Technology is one of the most popular topics engaged with on LinkedIn; there’s no shortage of posts covering all aspects of how technology has forever changed the world landscape – in vertical industries like finance or healthcare, and on topics from IoT, to cloud to security, and more. Below, we’ve called out five professionals whose conversation-provoking posts are worth a read for any tech marketer:


Ahmed Banafa – IoT Voice and “Faculty, Author and Keynote Speaker”

Ahmed posts content concentrating on the Internet of Things (IoT) as a central theme, but also highlights technology topics closely tied to IoT (e.g. security, cloud, big data, and mobility).  He takes a unique, demonstrative point of view with posts often addressing the questions of “how to?”, “what is?” and “why?”  His stance is very much one of empowerment and education for the reader as he ventures into IoT-centric topics spanning container technology, cloud and future IoT predictions. He tackles challenges, myths, and predications, making his take on IoT unique in that it addresses both what is and what might be.

Tech marketer takeaways: Ahmed takes his time in his approach to content. His posts typically run longer, giving him room to explain each topic and help connect the dots, both with his words and the visuals he uses to support his message.


Chuck Brooks – Security Voice and “Government Relations and Marketing Executive, Thought Leader”

Chuck’s varied security experience is evident in what he publishes. From aviation to public sector, government to science, his posts take on the multifaceted aspects of cyber security as it relates to industries/verticals, homeland issues and next-gen technology. Since he’s keen on variety, with formats ranging from expert Q&As to content roundups, to non-tech posts associated with topics/verticals he’s covered, his perspective truly stands out.

Tech marketer takeaways: Chuck focuses core content on security, but isn’t afraid to include content tangentially related to core subject matter (e.g. a post focused on mastering the art of influence in Washington, D.C.) which incorporates fresh/unexpected content to help keep readers interested and foster conversation.


Peter Nichol – Healthcare Voice and “CIO, Health Business & Technology Executive”

Peter has created his own niche with healthcare content focused primarily on IT topics, but also other of-the-moment industry issues. So while blockchain is one of his more frequent subjects, readers can also glean learnings about MACRA, telehealth, mHealth and more. His healthcare-specific concentration allows him to become the voice of industry and paint a holistic picture of the tech challenges and issues providers face.

Tech marketer takeaways: Peter is able to take the “tech temperature” within the healthcare industry by letting each post both stand alone and become part of an ongoing “tech storyline.” Storytelling in marketing is crucial to connecting with – and relating to – a specific audience. And by focusing your story on the unique tech challenges if a specific industry or vertical, you’re able to tell a more complete story.


Jesus Rodriguez – IoT Voice and “Managing Partner, Tellago, Inc., Author, Angel Investor, Board Member, Startup Advisor”

Jesus posts regularly on the topic of IoT, but that’s just the beginning. His tech content spans the topics of edge computingmachine learning, bots, and beyond. His perspective is inquisitive and informative, with a mix of post formats varying in length and tone, based on subject matter and whether he’s trying to inform or spark curiosity in readers (he does both!). The effect is a totality of content that conveys his interest in tech and his drive to share that with readers.

Tech marketer takeaways: Jesus is able to dive deeply into many IT topics to portray the depth of technology’s reach within industries and enterprise. Just as concentrating on one niche can serve marketers well (knowing a lot about a little), so can knowing a lot about a lot. Especially if your audience is multi-faceted and has a broad base of expertise. Rich content demonstrating a wide net of knowledge can build credibility with even the most discriminating audience.


Joy Tan – Huawei Technologies Voice and “President of Global Media and Communications”

Unlike others on this list, Joy crafts technology-specific content on behalf of a specific enterprise – Huawei technologies. However, instead of being constrictive, this positioning gives Joy free reign to create posts on an array of topics spanning global impact, innovation and digital inclusion. Her first-person perspective and unique tech voice lends authenticity to both local and global IT themes. 

Tech marketer takeaways: In many posts, Joy shares a personal perspective on her topic of choice, giving a rich, real-life application to each story. She personifies the idea that the more relatable the content, the greater the connection to be made with the reader.


While these five leaders may differ in what they write about and how they deliver their message, they all have one thing in common: posting meaningful content often enough to inspire interest, and sustain valuable conversations with their followers, and within the LinkedIn technology community. Each is a great example of how anyone can share their knowledge effectively to harness the power of the LinkedIn platform, and become a tech thought leader.

So be sure to check out these professionals on LinkedIn. And while you're there, take some time to peruse other tech topics and see who else is sharing interesting thoughts on rapidly changing industry dynamics.

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