6 Can’t Miss Learning Opportunities for Technology Marketers

June 30, 2016

5 Can’t Miss Learning Opportunities for Technology Marketers

Technology marketing is no easy feat. It is highly competitive, continuously evolving, and requires significant time and investment in order to find new and intelligent ways to cultivate demand and earn customer loyalty.

Luckily, tech marketers are ahead of the curve and apt to tackle their challenging roles. In fact, as LinkedIn research recently found, tech marketers are innovative trailblazers who possess voracious appetites for instructive, educational content. Seeking to build new skills and discover valuable insights about both the tech industry and their customers, when tech marketers are equipped with the right tools it is easier to chart a path towards success.

At LinkedIn, we are invested in providing our members access to exceptional content to help inform, advance, and build their careers. One of our portals, Lynda.com, features courses taught by subject matter experts on a wide variety of tech topics — from data analysis to advanced programming languages and even cloud computing. So, to kickstart your journey towards crafting smarter, more informed content that connects with your audience, we explored the Lynda.com archives and curated a selection of key resources to help make you a savvier, more sophisticated tech marketer.

The Basics of Data Analysis with Robin Hunt

To pool critical business insights and cut through the complexity, today’s top marketers must be comfortable working and telling stories with data. Starting with identifying, interpreting, and summarizing data, Robin Hunt’s training provides a crash course in leveraging numbers to report on and put your marketing efforts into perspective.

SQL Essential Training with Bill Weinman

There’s a reason this course has a cult following and is one of the most popular tutorials on Lynda.com. It’s Weinman’s canny ability to explain and empower even the most novice of students through the art of tech’s über important database language system, SQL. Designed to help users understand the most common methods of database wrangling, SQL Essential Training gets users confident with using CRUD and performing basic queries. For marketers who outsource the majority of their insights analysis, it doesn’t hurt to meet your comrades halfway and speak their language.

Foundations of Programming with Simon Allardice

If SQL was a warm-up, then foundations of programming is the main event. As developers, engineers, and IT professionals are faced with more complex and intelligent systems, it’s mission critical to ensure your software can withstand all sorts of bugs — from fussy programs to full-out cyberattacks. To catch a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of many of your end-users, this tutorial provides core knowledge needed to begin programming using JavaScript. Learn how to write your first software application and explore conditions, loops, and variables!

What is Cloud Computing? with David Rivers

Ah, the nebulous cloud — perhaps one of technology’s greatest web-spawned infrastructure achievements, and one certainly worth exploring in great detail. In a snippet from its parent course, Cloud Computing: First Look, David Rivers provides a quick overview of the cloud and what cloud computing means, then touches on network diagrams and how to make the most of the cloud on next-gen platforms. Tech marketers, seize this opportunity to step into your client’s shoes and understand how each member of the buying committee is impacted by the process of approving, managing, integrating, and orchestrating cloud solutions.

Building Your Technology Skills with Martin Guidry

If you’ve ever craved the need to fully geek-out on tech subject matter that’s outside your comfort zone, look no further, as Martin Guidry takes you through fifteen of technology's hottest implementation topics in ten minutes or less. Look forward to mini-crash courses on the worlds of server installations, switches, network models, and more. Now you’ll really have great subject matter to bond with IT pros!

Lead Generation Fundamentals with Dina Shapiro

Now we’ve come full circle. Back to a tech marketer’s favorite topic, lead generation. We know you’re likely to have a handle on the topic, but just in case you need a refresher — or could benefit from seeing lead gen from a new point-of-view — this course will walk through the essentials of creating a solid lead gen pipeline, how to leverage landing pages, social media, and keywords to convert those prospects into leads, and, finally, how to stage the purchase process just right, to transform leads into customers.

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