Getting People on the Innovation Journey is Easier Than You Think

Our ‘Agents of Change’ initiative continues

October 11, 2016

Agents of Change – ‘Getting People on the Innovation Journey is Easier Than You Think’

Last month we launched our ‘Agents of Change’ initiative, featuring unique individuals who are catalysts for change in their respective financial sectors. From punchy FinTech challengers to incumbent CEOs, these Agents share their fresh perspectives on where the industry is headed in a series of thought-provoking interviews.  

Technology plays a fundamental role in making organizations think differently. - Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK

Our latest wave of interviews includes Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Barclays UK. He discusses his focus on customer centricity and how breakthroughs in areas such as technology are forcing him to truly understand what the customer needs. He also shares his belief on how getting people on the innovation journey is easier than you think.

FinTechs who thought they could disrupt the banks are now looking to them for partnerships. - Adam Carson, Managing Director, Digital Strategy & Partnerships, Global Technology, J.P. Morgan Chase

Another highlight is Adam Carson, Managing Director, Digital Strategy & Partnerships, Global Technology, J.P. Morgan Chase. He shares his insights on the importance of watching the FinTech ecosystem closely to analyze the innovations and customer experiences offered. He also discusses the shift from disruption to collaboration and how there is a new breed of FinTech companies born purely to partner with incumbents.  

You have to be willing to go outside of the norm, to challenge yourself and not operate within traditional policies and procedures. - Yolande Piazza, COO, Global Consumer Operations and Technology, Citi FinTech

We also hear from Yolande Piazza, COO, Global Consumer Operations and Technology, Citi Fintech. She provides her views on how well-established organizations can compete with the flexibility of FinTech start-ups. Yolande explores other important issues including hiring the right talent to work on FinTech projects and creating the right culture in which employees can excel.

We’re seeing more rapid adoption cycles as every new technology comes about. - Stuart Rubinstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, Fidelity Investments

Stuart RubinsteinSenior Vice President, Digital Solutions, Fidelity Investments is another influential figure who is at the forefront of FinTech in his organization. He’s seen big shifts in customer adoption of technology over the past few years and has invaluable advice for traditional companies looking to become more innovative.

Agents of Change interviews are a central component of our World FinTech Report 2017, produced in conjunction with Capgemini and Efma. Our research focuses on the moments that matter most in the customer’s financial journey and the experience and innovation principles that brands should apply at different stages.

The program will crescendo to our FinXTech event in New York on November 1st. As well as showcasing the World Fintech Report 2017, the event will feature panel debates and workshops with CEOs and change makers from both incumbents and challengers, and will be streamed live to a global audience.  

The full suite of Agents of Change interviews can be found here.

For more information on the World FinTech Report visit their site.