Better Together: Drive Your Tech Content Farther with Employee Activation

How to Leverage Your Internal Champions and Make an Impact

June 2, 2016

Tech Byte from the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide

As a modern marketer, you know that content is a critical component of every marketing strategy. And as a result of this, you also know that the Internet is groaning underneath the weight of mountains of content. So how do you — as a tech marketer — make make an impact?

If your goal is to ensure your content goes far and wide, then it seems like common sense to tap into your ultimate advocates — your employees. By encouraging your employees to share and repost, you can significantly increase content reach. Engaging your employees also helps you leverage the untapped potential of those at your organization who are thought leaders and subject matter experts — enabling you to contribute meaningful, powerful content to your pipeline.

Employees Can Help You Go Beyond the Content Basics

Harnessing both your employees’ ability to share and tapping into their subject matter expertise can help you to further establish your brand’s thought leadership — positioning your organization as one that is made up of experts in the nuances of your industry. And when employees that are an integral part of your company write and share content, it lends a more personal voice and credibility to your organization overall.

To go beyond the content basics, a good approach is to identify a handful of subject matter experts, who vary in function and seniority, at your company who can commit to posting long-form content 1 to 3 times per month. You can then augment this with third-party content you curate and start building a truly impactful pipeline. And if your sales reps who are sharing pieces from this pipeline are connected to the right decision makers, you’ll get more of your content into more of the right hands.

In order for this strategy to truly succeed, all employees — not just those who author the content — should share these internally authored posts with their wider networks. By coordinating your social media and content marketing strategy across business lines, you can support your organization’s overall narrative (i.e., the conversation you want to own) with employee contributions as the foundation.

Tips for Getting Started

Employee activation is what takes your company’s content marketing efforts from good to great. Here’s an easy 5-step formula for making the most of your in-house expertise.

  1. Select A Content Coordinator: This person will help curate and revise content that will support your narrative while coordinating social media strategies across business lines. An experienced social media manager or third-party content partner would be ideal in this role.
  2. Identify 5+ Authors (Vary Function and Seniority): Empower content-creating thought leaders at your organization to drive a relevant conversation with your core audience. These voices can proactively create and push out content to elevate their own reputation as well as that of their organization. For example, a Senior Director of Product Marketing or a CIO can provide excellent expertise to propel your content forward.
  3. Publish Posts and Cross-Promote: It’s important to identify and manage what your authors will write about so that posts are consistent, support your overall content strategy and address the concerns of your target audience. Once you’ve established these topics, a good rule of thumb is to publish 1 to 3 times per month, but you can certainly publish more frequently to build an audience more quickly. Cross-promoting posts through both author and company social channels also ensures relevancy and maximizes reach.
  4. Employee Sharing and Amplification: Encourage re-sharing among employees to curate the message broadly across their entire networks. Additionally, leveraging LinkedIn Sponsored Content can help you to amplify your brand among your target audience.
  5. Feedback and Iterate: Use instant feedback from author’s profiles (Shares, Likes, and Comments) and Company Page analytics to track performance. Hone these insights to iterate your approach and understand what content resonates best with your audience.

Guide Your Employees Toward Editorial Excellence

Everyone needs a little helping hand when they’re first starting out. Give your employees a few basic principles to employ and their content will yield better results:

  1. Use images wisely. People are more likely to click on posts containing images. A good rule of thumb is to place a strong image at the top of the post.
  2. Reel them in with your headline. While compelling headlines are a must, choose clarity over cleverness: remember, the post has to deliver on the promise of the headline!
  3. Be authentic. To cultivate trust with readers, be authentic by:
  • Putting forth an opinion
  • Using personal anecdotes
  • Creating insights and sharing knowledge
  • Setting up the post with a clear intro, and explaining your terms
  • Steering clear of jargon and acronyms
  • Writing with the goal of sparking a conversation!

The Right Tools for the Job

To make all this as easy as possible, you can utilize Elevate, a LinkedIn product that helps your employees be social and helps you measure the impact on hiring, marketing, and sales. With Elevate, you can keep your employees supplied with a steady stream of quality content to share across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. And you’ll see how their sharing activity directly impacts your business, including traffic to your site, leads to your sales team, followers to your Company Page and new hires.Many professionals and companies alike share content on social and professional networks to strengthen their brands, attract talent, and market and sell their products and services. But relatively few companies recognize that when they empower their employees to be social professionals, they not only change the trajectory of their employees’ careers — they strengthen the impact of their business too.

For more insight on how your employees can help drive your content farther, download The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Content Marketing