Chart a Course for Success for Your Data Center Software and Cloud Buyers

January 14, 2016

The buying process for cloud and data center software can be a nearly three year journey, with many tech marketers showing little consideration for new vendors. In addition — and to make efforts more challenging — buyers are a specialized crew of the enterprise. They include external consultants in addition to technical experts and business decision makers.

But how do you, as the tech marketer, set sail for success with these sailors and win the  lengthy purchase voyage?

In the infographic below, Sink or Swim, we’ll highlight routes you, the tech marketer, can use on your sales journey to ensure your tech buyers experience smooth sailing. All hands on deck for the data center software and cloud buying process!

Tech marketing is more complicated than ever, and it’s time to embrace the challenge or fall behind. Stay the course with Beneath the Surface: Taking a Deeper Look at Today’s Empowered Tech Buying Process.