DXC Cracks the Code on Account Based Marketing

October 5, 2016

CSC Cracks the Code on Account Based Marketing
“LinkedIn is a weapon in your arsenal that you have to have. There is something here that is extremely difficult for other platforms to replicate. LinkedIn was made for ABM, and ABM was made for LinkedIn.” - Nick Panayi, Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing, DXC

Companies competing to win face complex barriers when when trying to connect with multiple decision-makers. Today, there can be up to 17+ stakeholders involved in evaluating and purchasing modern technology solutions. This means that marketing and sales must collaborate and strategize in new ways to drive revenue, increase lead volume, and support key customers. In fact, organizations with aligned sales and marketing teams are 67% better at closing deals and generate 208% more revenue from marketing their efforts.

DXC’s Winning Combination to Drive Key Deals

After embarking on an account based approach to marketing and sales, DXC Technology, a global leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services, crafted a winning combination to drive key deals. After gaining support from senior leadership, DXC changed its approach to the B2B technology marketplace by planning and implementing a sophisticated ABM program, with five key steps:

  1. Aligning marketing and sales stakeholders around qualified “pursuit” accounts

  2. Setting clear and defined goals / success metrics (ex. “Deal won / Deal not-won”)

  3. Assigning “pursuit teams” responsible for identifying key roles within accounts and creating personalized content

  4. Launching campaigns and deploying content via LinkedIn Account Targeting

  5. Measuring and optimizing performance to drive even greater results

Success is in Details

DXC assesses the success of their strategic ABM efforts on both a micro and a macro level – tracking marketing mix metrics, sales feedback and business ROI. They’ve already seen the new program impact:

  • Revenue, through deal win rate among key pursuit accounts
  • Qualitative pursuit team feedback
  • Sales’ perception of the program’s strategic value

The success of DXC’s ABM program is in the details. Go in-depth into their comprehensive approach and read the full story here.

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