From Lead Gen to ABM: The Best of SlideShare for Tech Marketers

April 14, 2016

Tech marketers have voracious appetites for instructive, educational content. They’re curious, savvy, and highly innovative trailblazers who invest heavily in advancing their skillsets. And they care deeply about specialized, B2B topics most relevant to their roles, responsibilities, and challenges — according to LinkedIn’s latest research surveying 2,232 global tech marketers vs. non-tech marketers.

In fact, when delving into the specific topics tech marketers care most about, our research found that three key subjects stood preeminent in their minds:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Account-based marketing

To help tech marketers more easily explore these critical topics, we combed through SlideShare, one of our favorite thought leadership channels, and uncovered a wealth of great resources. Here are a few top pieces of SlideShare content that cover topics that are extremely important to tech marketers (and, really, any marketers). Note: Seeing that we’re inquisitive, knowledge-thirsty tech marketers ourselves, we also included two bonus SlideShares that we just couldn’t resist sharing. They’re packed full of rich, comprehensive insights on the technology and tech marketing landscape — we hope you enjoy!

How to Gain the Trust of IT Buyers

Let’s start things off with a data-driven deck from a recent webcast. Featuring and LinkedIn’s own Technology Vertical Director, Mike Weir, ”How to Gain the Trust of IT Buyers and Earn Leads that Convert to Revenue” elevates the modern lead generation conversation and tackles today’s toughest IT purchasing challenges.


Rethink the Tech Buyer's Journey

Packed full of insights to help optimize your lead nurturing strategy throughout every touchpoint of today’s complex tech buying journey, the slides from our Live Webcast: Rethink the Tech Buyer's Journey supply the exact content and targeting recommendations you need to help drive customer relationships, convert prospects, and turn clients into lifelong advocates.

Account-Based Marketing: Welcome to the New Reality in B2B

Alongside the rise of marketing technology, account-based marketing has become a critical strategy for B2B marketers. SiriusDecisions’ Account-Based Marketing: Welcome to the New Reality in B2B will help you understand the space and better align marketing investment with key accounts and target growth strategies.


Bonus Deck 1

CMI’s recent report, produced with MarketingProfs and IDG, tackles the good, the bad, and the ugly of content marketing in B2B technology. It’s a must read — and should be a staple in every sophisticated tech marketer’s toolbox.

Bonus Deck 2

Salesforce’s 2016 State of IT provides an impressive roster of perspectives from IT leaders across the globe on how high-performing IT organizations are mastering digital transformation. We love how it double-clicks on today’s changing skill sets and provides tactical tips to help marketers stay customer-centric and mobile first.

For tech marketers looking to spread their own helpful content to their audiences, look not further than LinkedIn. And for advice on how to make the best use of LinkedIn, download the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan today.