How Dell EMC World is paving a new future for the reimagined IT enterprise

October 20, 2016

Dell EMC World

This week’s inaugural Dell EMC World sets the future of IT in a transformative direction. Throughout the conference, attendees have glimpsed the ongoing innovation potential stemming from the convergence of two of technology’s largest brands striving to reimagine IT, workforce and security transformation across the enterprise.

As attendees and sponsors of the event, we’ve been lucky enough to immerse ourselves into the transformation and gain access to many diverse perspectives relevant to both IT professionals and technology marketers alike. For instance, most all of the conference’s daily keynotes and breakout sessions continue to reinforce how critical a next-generation customer experience is to a forward thinking business strategy. Millennials and their impact on the modern workplace is also permeating a majority of talk-tracks, with more and more leaders in departments outside IT noting how entrepreneurial, digitally native employees are heavily influencing company-wide purchasing decisions and transforming the workforce.

While there is still another day left to enjoy, here are a few top insights our team has gleaned from the new Dell EMC community and their respective partners around Dell EMC World’s core themes of transformation, innovation, and partnership.

Transformation: Driving Business Opportunity Through Change

One thing is certain, transformation is not merely a buzzword at Dell EMC World. As Michael Dell reflected last year on Dell’s announcement that they were acquiring EMC, there is tremendous potential offered through the two complementary organizations of coming together under under the umbrella of Dell Technologies. Since then, Dell EMC’s new intention has been to deliver unprecedented impact to a broad customer base by doing more together.

Here at Dell EMC World, leveraging transformation to promote and accelerate innovation plays out most strongly on panels expressing the necessity for IT and business goals to more effectively align. As Bill Schmarzo, CTO of Global Services noted, “Organizations do not need a ‘BIG’ data strategy, they need a business strategy that incorporates big data.” This means that companies should prioritize meaningful intelligence over large-scale information collection — a takeaway that was reiterated across every key technology throughout the event, from IoT to security, artificial intelligence to virtual reality. To truly succeed, all department leaders must consider how data is genuinely helping solve their most important business challenges.

And on the topic of both IT and workforce transformation, some striking stats we’ve heard so far include:

  • 57% of employees expect to be working in a ‘smart office’ within the next 5 years, with 51% of employees say that remote teams and better collaboration technology will make face to face communications obsolete. (Data is the new currency: Protect it!)

  • 77% of Millennials are willing to use AR/VR products at work; However, 42% percent of millennials will quit a job with substandard technology. (Dell and Intel Future Workplace Study: Global Report)

Innovation: If You’re Not Ahead, You’re Behind

Another lesson from Dell EMC World is that innovation is key — and in order to innovate in action, your business and technology strategy should be working hand-in-hand toward your goals. “Better together” doesn’t just describe the great union of Dell and EMC, it also describes the attitude that every innovative organization has when it comes to technology. In fact, according to Dell Technologies’ latest research:

  • 73% of business say a centralized tech strategy needs to be a priority

  • 72% plan to expand their software development capabilities

  • 66% are incentivized to invest in IT infrastructure and digital skills leadership.

For tech marketers, it’s no surprise to hear that by 2018, 33% of all industry leaders will be disrupted by digitally enabled competitors. In fact, digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000, both facts which were discussed during the session, Keys to Successful Enterprise IoT Initiatives. Tech marketers should take note and continue to spark initiatives to invest in digital skills and innovative properties, as the best ideas and top talent will come from technology companies thinking ahead.

Partnership: Forging a Path to Longevity

Community and teamwork is thriving at Dell EMC World, which continues to reinforce the importance of partners in the longevity and success of Dell EMC. It’s why the event has attracted channel partners from across the globe. As a few members of the Dell EMC events staff relayed to us, it’s important that the Expo floor comprises a huge ecosystem of different companies that are customers of another — and that there is live collaboration taking place.

Yesterday, during a roundtable at the Dell EMC Partner Summit, founder and CEO, Michael Dell, relayed his vision for Dell Technologies, noting to Dell EMC partners that “it’s you and your customers driving the future of the world.” Chris Kelleher, Director of Strategic Alliances at Insight, even spoke to the opportunity for partnerships with Dell EMC when positioned correctly, saying that "What's really exciting about everything coming together is the breadth of the market that we're going to have the ability to go penetrate. [The merger] really just opens things up with respect to the channel. Partners like Insight that have traditionally sold both Dell and EMC are going to be well positioned going forward."

And during his Day 1 keynote, Dell also stated to conference attendees that “[Dell Technologies] has always believed that if we built the right technology we can enhance and enable human progress. Everything improves ten times every 5 years. In 15 years, it will be 1000 times better. No traffic accidents. Nanobots that can heal cancer. Drone delivery. Hundreds of thousands of innovations, large and small, that we can conceive or predict today.” That will be the future made possible by Dell Technologies, their suite of brands and their expansive team of partners collaborating together.

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