How Intel Connects with IT Leaders on LinkedIn

February 4, 2016

Intel Case Study | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

To keep pace with the rapidly changing business and technology landscape, IT managers and executives seek information from a wide range of resources. So, it’s increasingly important for brands to cultivate genuine relationships with IT professionals to be successful. Intel set out to do this by implementing a social media content strategy customized for the LinkedIn platform.

The Intel IT Center showcase page on LinkedIn is a stand-alone resource for IT professionals, and features content to drive discussion and encourage an exchange of ideas between IT, business leaders and industry experts. By connecting the showcase page to the Intel IT Center website, Intel fostered a positive feedback loop, inspiring and providing IT professionals with resources for ongoing conversation.

To optimize their content topics, Intel implemented a listening campaign to identify top areas of interest for IT leaders. Then, they began supplying content that was most relevant and meaningful to their audience — adjusting their strategy based upon follower engagement, input, and interaction. This allowed Intel to continually improve the ecosystem and satisfy their audience’s interest. Today, the Intel IT Center provides added value to LinkedIn members by enhancing their careers and accelerating business transformation through IT innovation.

Learn more about how Intel did it and the results they achieved on SlideShare or in the full case study below.

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