How to Find a Balance between Creativity & Corporate Identity

April 11, 2016

It’s the ultimate paradox for B2B marketers: Our content needs personality to engage the reader, but we also need to protect the corporate brand.  We want to write empathetic, human-to-human content, but don’t want to appear unprofessional.

So which takes the lead in marketing: creating an engaging brand voice, or preserving corporate identity? Do we have to choose one, or can we develop both together?

I asked seven marketers known for their creativity and personality to weigh in on the topic. They are:

Check out the video below to see these marketers discuss personality, branding, and corporate identity: 



Given our Trading Eights ensemble’s advice, it seems the way forward is to develop brand and corporate identity together. Let empathetic, human voices drive the brand, and let the brand create an identity that resonates with your audience.

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